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Hello! How are you?

This past week has been a jumble of jobs, tasks and events around here. The weather in Wagga has been all over the place! Rain, sun, then more rain. Today it’s supposed to bucket down again. Awesome!
My baby turns 9 today too! Happy Birthday Mr Chevy Geddes (that’s his middle name, but we often put his first and middle name together because it sounds fun to say!). Where has the time gone? I’ll have a bunch of teenagers before I know it.



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Bear is still the boss. Although he wasn’t my favourite on the weekend. I was out picking up a child on Saturday late afternoon and because I wasn’t at home in charge (aka husband in charge) of the dog running all over the house, I returned to find he’d smeared his bum all over my pillow and sheets. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry! As a result everything in sight had to get washed, including him at 7pm! Lucky I love him. That was my Saturday night fun! And NO more getting on the bed ↑…




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My Tex had his grand final for rugby league last weekend. They were unfortunate to not come away with the win, but we didn’t care! We love footy like crazy. This weekend my big boy is in the grand final for AFL, so that’s another fun day coming up.

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The rain! So much of it.


This was the view out my car window on Saturday out near Junee. AMAZING!

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I’ve been filling my house with greenery as usual. Cheap flowers are the go!


Yeah buddy, I’ve been waiting to get out in that pool yard too. Yesterday we got slats to put on the top of our fences to make them taller for more privacy. That’s a weekend job. My husband has been so sick the past week with gout (OMG! Yes, we had no idea that’s what it was!). If you’ve had gout or know someone, then you’ll know how painful and sick in general it can make you. It’s been a long week for him. I’ve never seen him so bad. Yesterday he started to improve so hopefully we can stay on top of any future “attacks”.

I got a new Dyson V6 Absolute yesterday so I have been loving myself sick cleaning everything. I’ll share my review on it next week.



I did a fun thing on Monday night and talked about “Blogging for Business”. It was great to encourage new bloggers, explain to them why they should blog and I always help by giving away a few of my secrets. You can totally hire me to chat at your business meet-up!

Don’t forget to come and join my Facebook chat group! It’s a group relating to lifestyle, interior design, DIY, motivation, organisation, building/renovating and much more…

Have a great day. ♥ KC.


  • Jackie

    Love your country life! My big boy has his AFL grand final this weekend also but he’s been sick with the flu, devastation will be the theme of the weekend if he can’t play! My dog (Schoodle) has also been a fan of bum smearing 🙁 it’s hard not to boot them outside forever when that happens!!!

    • Katrina (author)

      Oh no I bet he is so upset, but you can only do what you can do Hope he gets to watch from the sidelines? XX

  • Yvette Howe

    Love the heart photo collage on the wall – how did you fix the pics there? Did you just sketch the outline in pencil first?

  • Jana

    I have the same issue when I leave hubby incharge, you can be guarenteed to come home to fluff everywhere from the dog ripping up another toy! The kids are good its the dog that is naughty lol

    • Katrina (author)

      Gotta laugh or we’ll cry! X

  • Mara

    I adore your kitchen and bathroom….beautiful 🙂 what colour are the benchtops in the kitchen and bathrooms?

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