Are you famous in your own patch?


Are you known about by a group of people?

Are you noted, renowned or celebrated in some way?

Are you famous in your own patch?

Maybe you’re the person your friends go to for advice, maybe you’re the best cook, maybe you’re the organiser, maybe you’re the life of the party, maybe people need you?

Maybe you’re the boss of your job? Maybe you’re a leader?

Everyone is good at something. Everyone can be celebrated in their own way…

Are you famous for something in your own circle?

You should be. Find it, and carry on…

Happy Friday! X


  • Scandi Coast Home

    I’m famous for stacking it when I go out with friends……sober or tipsy, it doesn’t matter. The more public the place the greater the odds. T xx

  • Le BHCH

    famous or infamous … now that is the question 🙂 best le xox

  • Clare

    Love those words from the “universe” . No desire to be famous but very happy to be breathing xx

  • Emily

    Oooh, ego-boosting self-reflection! Perfect for a Friday, thanks! And happy Friday to you, too. x

  • Annie

    Hmmmmm – apparently I am famous in my local town and community BUT when I did get asked to be part of a fundraising event in Cooma that raised $180,000 alot of people came out of the woodwork to be mean behind my back – its funny that they lost sight of the reason I decided to become a part of their community and to play a part in the fundraiser – o well – you can’t please everyone – enjoy your Friday and weekend busy lady xo

  • Elements at Home

    It was a long time ago, but my hubby and I used to be in a band here in Perth and it was popular at the time. People look at me now and ask did we go to school together and I have really good face recognition ability (not good at names though) and I quite often think, no not school, but I watched you drink yourself under the table every friday night for 3 years, I never say that though. I love that everyone is known for something, as long as it is in good humour.
    Love Scandi’s response about “stacking it”…..too funny.

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