Another teen boys bedroom makeover

If you’ve been following along, you’ll know I’ve been on a mission to makeover all of my boys’ bedrooms. I had 3 of them to do. Yesterday I finished the last one – he’s 18.

The wall was created by him (he’s an apprentice carpenter) and when he got sick of it my husband finished it off ha! They also did the same wall in black in a lounge room. So if you want the full steps and some tips on how to create the batten wall then head to this blog post.

My other 2 boys’ bedrooms are also here and here.


I’m pretty happy with how this all came together.

♥ KC.

Note – has a TV and some shelves on the end wall and a whole wall of wardrobes for his stuff on the right. Because everyone always ask “where’s their stuff” ha! Well, and truth be told, we got rid of most of the junk in all their rooms – trying to live with LESS STUFF is the best feeling 😉

Nothing is sponsored, I’ve been collecting items over time. x


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