Another place I call home

Today I am going to see my Grandparents in a town called Urana. The population is only about 1,000 people. The little town has been dying over the years, but I still love the place. My Mum’s parents have lived there all their lives. My Mum grew up there, went to school there and meet my Dad there.

I spent every single Christmas there as a kid. I stayed in Urana for 2 weeks before doing my HSC to study.

So today I am meeting my Mum and Amie in Urana. The map shows that Albury and Wagga are about the same distance from Urana (pronounced U-ran-a). I am so lucky to still have grandparents and I love them to bits. They are getting on in life now and I haven’t seen them all year. They visit Albury often for medical things so I don’t see them as often as Mum and Amie. Nan was my biggest fan when on The Block and has kept every article ever printed about me. She cried and cried when we didn’t win anything.

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas! x


  • Ange

    How special to still have your grandparents with you. Enjoy the day! Ange

  • Megan

    Wow what a lucky lady you are to be able to still enjoy your grandparents! Have fun during this special time 🙂 x

  • Cathy

    How cute that your grandmother kept all The Block articles. Sounds like it will be a nice relaxing trip. Love little country towns – they allow you to recharge 🙂

  • Bronwyn @ Mad Crafty Mama

    Sounds like a lovely day. We have friends at Boree Creek which is not far away – it is a lovely area. 🙂

  • Jill Scott

    It sounds like a lovely way to spend Christmas. Will you be posting any pics of this small town? I’m curious now.

  • Heather

    I imagine it will be hot out there! We live in Perth but my husbands family are all fro, Naranderra and are there for a funeral this week.

    • Katrina (author)

      Such a small world isn’t it?!

  • Something Gorgeous

    Hi Katrina, I love hearing about your home town Wagga Wagga. I was born in Wagga and still have relatives who live there. My dad was born in Coolamon and I have cousins living in Ganmain. Yes, you are fortunate to still have your grandparents, treasure them. Toni x

    • Katrina (author)

      Oh wow! Well there you go! I love Wagga 🙂

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