Another hair do

How am I going? Another new look (see this post if you are not up-to-date with how vain I am).

Blonde AGAIN! Growing it long and luxurious – nah just kidding. Who has time? It’s enough that I have to blowdry, straighten, 10-p, moisturise blah blah. Oh and yes I am looking like I have been at a resort (but no I wasn’t that lucky)….I am addicted to spray tans. Fake it baby! But my bestie has just flown out to Hawaii for 8 days with her husband, minus 4 kids. She is sunning herself as I type this. Lucky biatch!

Yes, I am high maintenance (classic line from my darling husband).


  • Roxane

    Your hair looks great! Love the blonde!

  • Shannon

    Smart, funny and gorgeous. I hate you!!

    Just kidding! :p

  • A Bite of Country Cupcakes

    Ahhh ME AND HAWAII could get very well aquainted with one another!

  • our shabby cottage

    I love it – i too am toying with getting a new "do". I go short, then grow it, now I want to go short again for the summer.
    Thanks for the award too – I will make sure I pass it on tomorrow!

  • Alison

    Great hair do Katrina.
    Yep she is a lucky biatch!!!!

  • MaryRC

    very librarian chic here..

  • The Rose Room

    well high maintenance must pay off you are looking good, love the glasses! Rachaelxo

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