Andrew Winter and I

If you’re not up with my twitter and facebook, this photo is for you (but you’ve probably already seen it if you’re a social media addict like me!). This is Andrew Winter and I. Nicest guy ever. We had a ball today (see yesterday’s post if you have no idea what I’m talking about).

Of course I’m wearing leopard print (and standing on my tippy toes – no idea why!). I’ll have some more photos later in the week.


Oh, and I did some tv stuff for Austar’s The Weather Channel. Was fun!


Ok, now I also woke up to find out I got a page 3 (yay!) article in the Melbourne newspaper The Age. Check it out! The online version is here.

Big day today! Love it.

Hope you’re having a good weekend.


  • Emily

    hope you enjoyed our lovely town 🙂

  • Scandi Coast Home

    I’m so glad you made it……what a week.
    I’m guessing it is past your bedtime now, even though it’s Saturday night!!!
    Have a great weekend………………
    Tania Maree xx

  • Nik

    Bet you (or your hubby) never thought you’d be a Page 3 girl !!!

    Nik xx

  • kylie

    so glad you made it – he does seem like a lovely man.
    well done Katrina. xx

  • Janene Samuel

    I really admire your “savvyiness” when it comes using twitter, I love facebook but find twitter hard, trying to make my posts brief ….. I will just have read all your tips……Janene PS how are the GAMETAGs going

  • A-M

    So famous! How exciting! … and Page 3! A-M xx

  • Jo

    I love Andrew! Looks like it was a lot of fun working with him, and congrats in making it to page 3! 🙂

  • Penny

    Whoa! Going off! Good on you. Oh and a thinking woman’s crumpet is a smart guy that a smart woman finds attractive 😉 no biceps allowed.

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