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Yesterday when I got home I announced we all should go for a walk up in to the hills. We’re lucky we live in such a great town where “hills” are just at the top of my street. I don’t go anywhere near there in Summer (snakes!), but we always walk around there in the Winter.

My big boy hasn’t been feeling great (with anxiety! And one day when I am brave enough I’ll write all about it…) so he was home from school and when I left yesterday morning I’d put a list of jobs on the whiteboard in my pantry for him to complete. He doesn’t argue and is really good on the jobs (when he’s in the right mood haha). I came home to a clean house, rubbish out and vacuuming done. Then he proudly showed me his wardrobe… I couldn’t stop laughing… everything was neatly folded and all of his footy guernsey’s were hanging in order. WOW. Normally that cupboard is a mess but he must have been on a roll and I am not complaining!

Anyway, when my other 2 got off the bus they scoffed some arvo tea and I rugged up (it’s freezing here). Of course 2 kids got changed in to SHORTS. Because you know, they are BOYS!

They love it when I say we’re off walking and taking photos. My big kid put his GoPro on his bike. We said “walkies” to Bear and he did somersaults and cried until the lead was on and we got going…

By the time we arrived home it was almost dark and my husband was home from work. The house was chaotic and there was no dinner done, but we heated up some homemade sausage rolls, didn’t even turn the tv on and decided to book a trip to Sydney in 2 weeks to watch the Swans/Hawks game.

My big boy has been having trouble sleeping and isn’t feeling the best, but after a good walk and an easy night of no sport training/homework he felt better.

School holidays are next week for us, I never know whether I love them or I hate them. We are usually such a routine family and when things suddenly stop my kids can really fall apart (and so can I!). But a break will do everyone good I think.

There’s not much I love about Winter, but I do love a walk in the bush. That crisp air always clears the mind, gets the blood pumping and I always sleep better.

Hope you all have a great day ahead. ♥ KC.


  • Chrissie Taylor

    Shorts in winter lol….my son has anxiety too Katrina. He is meant to be on medication to help him unwind of an evening, but I find using Roman Chammomile on his feet (massaged in with coconut or jojoba oil) and Past Tense oil, it has the same benefits as his medication. Google DoTerra oils for anxiety. I work in a school, and we are diffusing them in a classroom currently. Wild Orange is particularly calming too, which is one we diffuse along with Peppermint for focus. They are worth the research….xx

  • Anna Dennis

    Love this Katrina! Such a simple thing to do to become centered again, sometimes we get bogged down with jobs that “need” doing… I have 3 boys and they would be in shorts too

  • Kelly Taylor

    Love these blogs learning so much about what is yet to come for my boy (5) and I think I will let him wear shorts tomorrow!

  • Susan Green

    My three boys also do shorts in winter. Agh! We find magnesium tablets help for sleeping and anxiety in our boys.

    • Katrina Chambers

      Mine won’t swallow tablets so might have to see if they do a liquid or something. XX

      • Jodie

        You can get a magnesium spray or try massaging with magnesium oil. I have heard magnesium is better absorbed through the skin. Otherwise magnesium salts in a long hot bath.

        • Leah

          I take it in powder form mixed in water

        • Katrina (author)

          I have a powder, so we’ll see how we go!

  • Kathleen Friedrich

    What a wonderful supportive mummy you are , walks and no TV is the best medicine for anybody

  • Jodie

    Yep – boys and shorts. My two do the same! I went to a talk on Raising Boys once and they said one of the best ways to keep boys communicating is by going walking with them. They thrive in the outdoor environment, they’re moving and they’re not having to sit still and make direct eye contact. Works with my boys x

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