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How do you create a bit of luxury in your own home? Have you ever been to a fancy hotel and just fallen in love with the feel and ambience in the bathroom? Has it made you feel relaxed, warm and tranquil? What about trying to replicate that feel in our own homes? Bathrooms are often considered sanctuaries. But most of us don’t know how to create that feel at home. We like the idea of a comfortable yet lavish bathroom, but how do we achieve that??

Today I’ve teamed up with EMPORIA® who has created the most luxurious 4-ply toilet tissue paper, which means it has four layers of tissue paper for extra strength and comfort. Did you know – by just adding a few special treats to your bathroom (for yourself and your guests!) you can create that luxurious hotel bathroom feel at home? You really don’t need to go out and spend lots of money on extravagant items, it’s all about affordable luxury.

Here’s why we shouldn’t feel bad about adding a touch of luxury at home…

EMPORIA® recently commissioned research to uncover the role affordable luxury plays in women’s lives. I found the results interesting and must confess that I am guilty of most things uncovered in the research. What’s even more interesting is the insight leading Clinical Psychologist, Dr Suzy Green, shares around the important wellbeing factors affordable luxury items can play in a woman’s life. Here’s what the study of 1000 women in Australia shows:

  • Affordable luxury” is a relatable concept – meaning that women do give much consideration to this concept and its application in their lives – with 80% agreeing that “quality over quantity” is important!
  • 79% of women say buying an affordable luxury item makes them happy !
  • 51% of women stated they rarely or never “treat” themselves to an affordable luxury item.
  • Approx 2 out of 3 women do feel the different quality in toilet paper (3 versus 4 ply) – this indicates there is a level of “mindfulness” about quality of toilet paper which some of us might find surprising in relations to a household staple..
  • Over half of women said premium toilet paper is one of the affordable luxury household items they buy to give their home a luxury feel – on par with candles and higher than premium quality bath towels and flowers
  • One in four women admitted to doing some “sneaky squirrel” home hacks to give the appearance that they were investing in high quality, g. filling expensive hand wash bottle with cheaper hand wash!
  • Half of women (51%) think their guests would notice if they used cheap household items such as toilet paper or soap.

Are you guilty of any of these?

The premium facial tissues from EMPORIA® are also in 4-ply, so they are extra strong and soft.  Always handy to keep a couple of boxes in the house, as they also look beautiful : aqua colour for the eucalyptus variant and pink for the cocoa & shea butter. I love the fragrances as well.

EMPORIA® boasts absolute affordable luxury in the bathroom. I am definitely going to use this more often and will always have a stash ready for when guests drop over. The luxury cues are conveyed through matte packaging film and premium quality base paper that is thick, soft and silky. What a treat!

What are some other ways we can add a touch of luxury to our bathrooms?

  1. Textures and patterns are a great way to liven up your bathroom. Usually the bathroom is a blank slate but it doesn’t have to be boring. Work with the texture you already have. Scrub the bathroom until it shines, introduce some patterned towels or grab a woven basket.


  1. Concrete accents will continue to be a prominent feature in our bathrooms. From pots, floors and even walls we’re all still going crazy for the natural elements of concrete! Greenery, whites and a patterned tile would merge beautifully.


  1. Storage doesn’t have to be away in cupboard. Get your pretties out and on show! Add a touch of glamour and luxury to your bathroom by creating a gorgeous vignette or trolley showing off all your lotions and potions.


  1. Go for quality over quantity if you can. I like to style my bathroom with all kinds of things from flowers, good bath towels and even Emporia Toilet Tissue. Its 4-ply strength makes it more comfortable and luxurious than regular toilet tissue paper – and your guests will notice the difference.


  1. Get the WOW-factor. If you’re building or renovating, splurge on something special like a free-standing bath, or some gorgeous black taps, or patterned floor tiles. You would be surprised at just how one of these items can really transform the look and feel of an ordinary bathroom.


  1. Towels are the easiest thing to change in your bathroom. Bright colours, geometric prints and moody tones can change the feel of your room in an instant.


  1. Indoor plants can bring the room to life. Bathrooms are usually small spaces and we don’t spend large amounts of time in them, but by adding a fern, bamboo or ivy you can add an instant touch of luxury. The added bonus is that the moisture will be absorbed in to the plants and in turn they keep the air clean.


  1. Add a touch of luxury to your bathroom by using a large oversized mirror. Not only will it bring in more light, it’ll make the entire space feel spacious and grand. If you can’t add a large mirror, play around with ideas like two circle mirrors, or one with a gorgeous frame.

Most of us like an easy budget conscious room makeover. I am always happy to grab a few quality pieces for my home which can instantly transform the space or make it feel more grand, useful and purposeful.

Competition time!

Would you like to WIN a luxury EMPORIA® hamper filled with lovely towels, bathroom fragrances and a supply of EMPORIA® toilet and facial tissues? Well I am so excited to give you this chance. All you have to do is head to Emporia’s Facebook page and share a photo of the toilet tissue paper in your bathroom with the hashtag #AffordableLuxury and tag @EmporiaTissue. For full details head to Emporia’s Facebook.

Good luck! ♥ KC.

EMPORIA® facial tissues and 4-ply toilet paper is available to purchase in Coles supermarkets.


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