Add a hanging space to shelves

I did this project a while ago and thought I’d share it again.  It was super easy and has made a big difference to how I use this room. Shamefully it was a huge mess (and mostly still is!). It’s a walk-in storage room off my laundry. During Winter it becomes a massive disaster. I have never hung those winter sports jackets – just shoved them on a shelf and it was making me uneasy! I came up with the idea to add a simple hanging area in here. I was happy to forgo some shelves as they were just holding crap anyway.

We bought a metal hanging rod, brackets and coat hangers. I spent roughly $15. They were in the curtain section at Bunnings.


  • We used the grinder to cut the hanging rod down to size.
  • Drilled the brackets to the side walls.
  • That’s it!

Simple project that I wished I’d done ages ago.

♥ KC.


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