A weekend on the Carnival Spirit


Over the last few days I was lucky enough to be on the Carnival Spirit for the Digital Parents Conference. I had such a great time! Have you been on this ship before? I thought it was sensational, huge, and out of this world! I’d never been on a cruise before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I wasn’t disappointed!

We got on the ship at 2pm on Friday and started to explore it’s 10 decks! I needed a map in hand for the first day so I could work out where I was…



We left Sydney Harbour around 6pm. The view sailing out was breathtaking. I think the entire ship was up on the top deck watching, waving and snapping pictures.



I counted 3 swimming pools, 2 water slides plus a water park for kids…



Mini golf or basketball anyone? The view up here was spectacular. The sun was shining early and people were out on the top deck enjoying the vast openness.




Above is a photo of the internal lifts. Amazing and stunning. Someone said they were in a movie and then put in the ship? Not sure if that’s correct, but it wouldn’t have surprised me!



I loved every minute of the conference. Although a couple of times I got a little woozy and had to duck out of the class, move around and eat something!

Our conference room did not disappoint. It was so fancy with the gorgeous portholes. I will spend time this week going over my notes and share some of the new tips I’ve picked up for blogging. I left the ship feeling inspired. There’s some truly great bloggers out there sharing their knowledge. The photo above is of Karen at Miscellaneous Mum talking to us about perfecting your writing skills. Whilst I’ll never be a writer, I still loved her passion and enthusiasm. I have taken some great tips away on how to tidy up my wording!


I played BINGO with my husband. So much fun! He loved the casino too. That’s where he spent most of his time haha!



What about this highlight!? Shannan Ponton from The Biggest Loser was a guest on the ship. He conducted a motivational speech which I didn’t want to miss. I wrote notes through his entire talk. I am definitely putting that together in a blog post for you. He was great. Oh yes, and of course I had to get a photo (sorry about the quality!). I have met him before, a while ago (yes bragging!). He’s pretty inspiring.

It’s been 24 hours since I hit dry land and I still feel like I am on the boat! I feel like I am rocking back and forth as I type this. However, I’d definitely do it again.

Have you been on a Cruise before? Which one and for how long?

PS. It’s been funny in our house lately saying and writing the word “cruise” because my eldest son’s name is CRUISE!

Hope you have a great day ♥ KC.


  • Ms_MotorbikeNut

    I went on a P&O one for 3 days in 2011 didn’t stop anywhere just went out to sea and back. The cruise ships was called Pacific Dawn, hoping to go again in another 2 or 4 yrs 🙂

    (((( Hugs )))) XXXX Kisses XXXX

  • Salwa

    I havn’t been on a cruise before because I’m a scardy cat. I’ll keep thinking titanic and also thinking that I’m stuck on this boat with no where to go.

    But i loved everyones photos and actually made me want to be on that ship with everyone.

  • Jo

    Did 8 day pacific island cruise on carnival last year, 22 of us,( adults and kids) , loved every minute of it!!! Kids had a ball, hardly saw them until tea time in the restaurant, our waiters were amazing and the kids loved going to dinner to see them & sing and dance etc. just recently went on a 4 day P&O to moreton island. Ship wasn’t as nice and wasn’t as much to do. Only adults on this one, and lucky, as kids would have been bored! I was happy to get off after 4 days, but could have stayed on carnival another week!!! You will have to go on another and take the kids. Great value for money holiday.

  • Karrine Beasley

    Argh so cool! If only I was parent I could have attended haha. So jealous of you meeting Shannan!

  • Rose

    I too was on this cruise. I loved every minute of it. I am a seasoned cruiser but it was my first time on this ship. How nice was Shannon! Such a lovely inspriing guy. Did you get to boot camp at sea? That was a lot of fun too.
    Looking forward to reading more of your blog.

  • Helen Jaman

    Yes we have been lucky enough to go on a cruise about 12 years ago ! We went on what was then The Pacific Sky, it cruised around the South Pacific Islands, New Caledonia, Vanuatu…it was a great experience…not your usual holiday that’s for sure but well worth ticking off your list of things to try…I get sea sick and I was not well, but nothing that a quick visit to the little hospital on board couldn’t fix ! I was amazed at how many different things you could do onboard, then you got to stop and get off the boat for a day exploring different places. Loved it ! Looks like you had a fun time !! Hx

  • Ruth BT

    I don’t think cruising is my thing – having said that I have been roped into doing a cruise next month. 8 adults, 8 kids on the Celebrity Solstice. I am going for the company I keep telling everyone but secretly I am really, really looking forward to not being in charge of a kitchen for 9 whole days and hearing “Muuuummm, what can I eat?”. I’ll let you know how I go!

  • Pecan

    I became addicted after our first cruise, October 2012 on Rhapsody of the Seas to the South Pacific for 12 nights. We went on Radiance of the Seas for 7 nights in January down the east coast of Aus. Cruising would have to be the best holiday for a mum.

  • Kat - The Organised Housewife

    Was so lovely seeing you last weekend! I really wanted to play Bingo, but didn’t get the time! Love your photo with Shannan, how awesome was his session!

  • Kelly Exeter

    I’m still rocking … and now detoxing. Damn you ship and your enticing buffets and cocktails!

    • Kat - The Organised Housewife

      The food was fabulous wasn’t it Kelly, I loved all the lunches and dinners in the empire room. I tried a few mocktails, but they were so sweet, I couldn’t get past the first sip.

      • Kelly Exeter

        The food was amazing! I am glad we were only on there for 3 days!

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