A real Christmas Tree this year!

This is a first for me! A real Christmas Tree… I always HATE Christmas decorating, with a passion. I’m not a Grinch as such, because I love Christmas time… I just hate all the sparkles and kitschy crap laying around my house.

BUT last weekend I decided to get a little more festive (and my workmates peer pressured me!), and went on a mission to find a real tree and get some new decorations that I’d be happy with…

I went to Adairs and Bed Bath N’ Table for the decorations. Both stores had 40% off Christmas things so that was a bargain.

We put the tree in a bucket of water with some bricks so it would stay upright. The pine needles haven’t been too bad actually, and it smells good too. I wrapped the bucket with some linen pillowcases and tied some rope around it.

Here’s one of my lovely young little work mates decorating it…. because if I didn’t ask her to do it she wouldn’t have spoken to me hahaha! She’s NEXT level obsessed with Christmas ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’d been saving all the leftover sheets from my huge Stendig Calendar throughout the year. I knew they’d come in handy at Christmas. I know, I know, I could throw a red bow at them or something ๐Ÿ˜‰

Happy Christmas! โ™ฅ KC.