A new low-tox cleaning product called ‘Accell Clean’ + 10 packs to giveaway!

There’s a new low-tox cleaning product in town! I was sent a batch of Accell Clean to try in my home and over the weekend I gave it a go.

It’s a similar concept to some other popular low-tox products that get flogged on the socials.

I never say no to low-tox cleaners! They are my jam. There is a good reason as to why I don’t clean with super harsh chemicals anymore. You can read about that here.

This one looked great from the start because I could see it’s super affordable, and makes up a lot of product so you won’t be buying it too often. The spray bottles are also large so I don’t have to keep re-filling.

The fun part is the THREE labelled spray bottles you make up –

  1. Light – for glass and surfaces
  2. Medium – showers, tiles and basins
  3. Heavy – grease, ovens and grout

The History

Accell Clean is quite simply the most efficient general purpose cleaner available. It is neutral pH and has remarkable cleaning properties. It has its beginnings during the Exxon Oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Used extensively in the clean up of Oceans, and shore lines- to clean wildlife, beaches, ships and rocks. The cleaning capability of the product was proven to be exceptional and it carries approval for use in Oceans by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO)! A clear approval of its environmental status.

  • Accell Clean is safe for you, your pets and the environment. 100% all the way!
  • Accell Clean is safe on every surface.
  • Accell Clean cleans deeper and better on more surfaces than any other single product.
  • Accell Clean is fantastic value- saving you money.
  • Accell Clean has does not contain Fragrance, Colour, Solvents, Alcohols, Esters, Enzymes, KOH or pH alterations.

So, because there’s no fragrance I opted to add a few drops of essential oils to mine (because I ALWAYS clean with essential oils!).

I added a few drop of Peppermint to the LIGHT spray and a combo of Lemon and Tea Tree to the MEDIUM bathroom spray.

I also went crazy on cleaning my oven with the HEAVY spray. As you can see the grease lifted immediately. Got to be happy with that.

Here’s what I found

  • A big yes for windows, mirrors and even pool glass (use a microfiber cloth)
  • Yes for the shower tiles (I don’t have shower screens, so can’t tell you that one)
  • Yes for the grime in the bath
  • Was great around the toilet edges
  • Perfect job on my kitchen benches (don’t ever spray chemicals on your food areas!!)

How to buy

The starter kit is $88 which is what I have and I suspect that will last me a good 6 months.

Then I looked in their shop and saw a batch of mould cleaner. That would be awesome I reckon. I’ve written before about why you shouldn’t use bleach to kill mould. So this low-tox product is tested to work.

I also see a Grout Restore. It will remove calcium scale and hard water water mineral build up off tiles, glass and grout. Sounds like that could be good for shower screens and tiles too.

Go check it all out! I am actually really loving it so I will stay with this product for a while. Not just saying that. I feel like this is my new thing.

GIVEAWAY – 10 packs! CLOSED.

WINNERS have been contacted –

Sharyn Brown
Carly Telfer
Susan Murphy
Jimmy Jong
Julie Goodchild
Donna Porritt
Amy Pidgeon
Emily Wood
Kim McCarthy
Karina Lee

Products directly from Accell Clean.

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