A cute hanging chair

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by today.

I added a macrame hanging chair to my outdoor area last weekend and Instagram loved it, so I thought I’d share all the details over here. I’ve always wanted a hanging chair, but didn’t want to pay a fortune. I had the perfect corner in my outdoor area for it. So I went hunting on eBay for one and came up with this. It cost me $85 but there are lots on eBay. I just went looking for an Australian seller.

The long term goal is an outdoor kitchen under that TV, but for now I thought the chair would look great. I have a long narrow outdoor area with a lounge down one end and this table I made up the other end.

Yes, you can sit it in. BUT it did take some effort. If you’re going to do this you will need to put some support in the roof. You don’t want the roof to cave in if it’s not properly secured.

My husband added another beam in the ceiling and attached it to existing battens. So, he drilled a hole from the outside and stuck a pencil through it so when he was in the roof he knew where to add the beam. Then he attached a bloody big hook and chain.

Oh and there’s a little face! This is his new favourite spot.

I made the cushions from a scarf for the chair. Check that out here.

♥ KC.