A chronic illness sux

Living with a chronic illness is the pits. I never normally get down about this flippin’ crohn’s disease, but lately it’s wearing me down! I only just recovered from a drama and today I am feeling awful again. I knew yesterday something wasn’t right. I saw my Mum and my Aunty on Tuesday and we chatted about how I was feeling. I was like “yeah, I’m good now, great actually..” and then BAMMM, 24 hours later I am feeling terrible again.

I don’t think it’s an ‘active disease’ flare-up but more like other things associated with having a low immune system. I am praying it’s not another abscess. If it is, well then I will have got it quicker this time (not septic!).

I went to my GP this morning and he knew I wasn’t great. He said he wanted to slap some colour in to my face! Ha! I told him to do it. Or slap something in to me.

I had my bloods done and have been snoozing in bed all arvo. He said he’d call me later today. I’m just hoping that my white cell count isn’t too high. Well, I know it’s high, but I don’t want it to be high enough for a hospital visit. I’m ok though. I am obviously ok enough to be sitting at the computer. I’ve been trying to catch up on a little bit of work and emails as best as I can in case I am out for the next couple of days. I’m praying for a script, not hospital though!

It’s just that living on this roller-coaster really shits me. I have plans and things to do and I HATE having these interruptions. I won’t slow down though, and I won’t be ‘taking it easy’. I am a calm person generally and love life, so I’ll just keep going. I thought I’d get to the end of the year (at least!) without another medical drama, but maybe not. I am due to have a colonoscopy next Thursday (this was to see if we could find a residual abscess from last time), and I really do want to have it. I need to be well enough to drink the prep, and I need my blood pressure to go up a bit before I have anaesthetic.

Anyway, I’m writing today’s post in a bit of a slump. This is life people. Not always flowers and pretty cushions. Those who have a chronic illness will know how annoying it is, so I’ll keep writing and documenting my up’s and down’s. Maybe I’ll be heaps better tomorrow and I’ll show you something pretty and fun 🙂

UPDATE: This morning I have woken up ok. I spoke with my Dr last night and we decided to get oral antibiotics in to me. My white cell count is extremely high (higher than a crohn’s flare which means infection, but not as high as last time when I was septic). I was sweating it out in my sleep all night and I don’t feel too bad this morning. I am to ring my Dr at lunch time to talk him through how I am feeling. I think I will manage to stay out of hospital, and I’ll take antibiotics until I have the colonoscopy next Thursday. God I am so sick of myself!! So today, I will take it easy and hopefully by tomorrow the antibiotics will be working. Thanks for all of your messages and emails. I know a lot of you go through this too ie. living with a chronic illness, but we have no choice. My Mum and my husband are my biggest supporters and both of them last night were pumping me up saying “you can do this Katrina, you always do…” Yep, I’ll be ok in a few days and I will have forgotten about this little hump. XX


  • Rinniez

    Thinking of you Katrina! It must be horrible to constantly have this illness try and push you down… I love that despite feeling horrible you can still put a positive spin on it and remain optimistic 🙂 xx

  • Deb

    You’re allowed to have the shits every now and again 🙂
    I hope you feel better real soon Katrina xxx

  • sweetness

    Feel better soon! Look after yourself!

  • Chloe

    Thinking of u!! my partner has it as well as pancreatitis ( can’t spell lol)he has his ups and downs and the downs suck!!! Rest rest rest!!

  • Karyn

    Take it easy Katrina , put all your effort into getting well again.
    Sending blessings.
    Karyn x

  • Kek

    Living with chronic illness is a real bugger, and I think you handle it extremely well – you’re perfectly entitled to a down day now and then.

    I hope the blood test results are all good and that you’re feeling like your normal chirpy self again quickly.


  • Hayley

    Crohns stinks! I HATE that it’s controlling my life and our decision to have more children! I want more babies NOW! Fingers crossed you get the script and its nothing more serious this time xx

  • Kym

    Hope you improve soon Katrina. I think you are amazing. What a great attitude you have …take care. x

  • Leonie -Australia

    I feel for you Katrina, I have an autoimmune disease -Lupus, & yes it gives you the shits, every time you think you are going great, it hits you and knocks you down again. At least though when we feel good we REALLY appreciate it! Hope it turns out to be a miner bump in the road. Best wishes.

  • Deanne

    Take care, hope you are better soon!

  • Joanne

    Hope you are feeling much better soon. I love reading your blog and have noted what an amazing strong woman you are. All the best!

  • Sonia Life Love Hiccups

    Oh Babe – sending lots of love your way and hope that you are feeling back to your bubbly self as soon as possible xx

  • Deb

    Oh poo! Sorry to hear you haven’t been well. You need to get better so you enjoy your new house. And, so you can share pics with us. Fingers crossed you pick up quickly.

  • Fi @ My Mummy Daze

    I don’t blame you for getting a bit down about having to live with a chronic illness. You still seem remarkably up-beat and positive. You’re allowed to have down days! I’m glad your doc is across things and hope you continue to have the healthy year you’ve been praying for xxx Fi

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