6 mistakes made when styling a home for sale

Wind the clock back 5 years and “styling your home for sale” wasn’t a big thing. Vendors still tidied up and made things look presentable, but pre-sale home styling wasn’t expected.

When I say styling a home for sale what does that actually entail? Does it mean emptying the contents of your home and adding in all new furniture? Sometimes yes – if you want to ensure the maximum possible price when selling your home by presenting it in a certain way to appeal to the target market group. BUT, this is not always possible for every vendor. Sometimes you’ll need to use what furniture you have to maximize your end dollar.

The idea is to create a relaxed contemporary feel so that any potential buyer will feel like they can live in the home. You need to take some time to do this before you decide to sell. It will be extra work, but it’s worth it in the end. If you don’t know where to start then talk to a real estate agent and get their take on it. Ask them to recommend someone to help you. There are plenty of styling and de-cluttering gurus around these days so I am sure someone in your local area is an expert and can assist you.

I’ve seen lots of mistakes too when I am scrolling through real estate ads. I have some tips today for you to avoid!

6 mistakes made when styling a home for sale

#1. Too much furniture

Keep the space open and free of furniture. Make sure your entry is not cluttered. Remove unnecessary sideboards, console tables or decorative chairs. Can people freely walk around without dodging furniture? It’s better to have less than more. Not every wall or surface needs something. Too often I see people struggling to get rid of things.

#2. Not cleaning up

You must clean, clean and then clean again before putting your home on the market. If it’s not clean you won’t be selling the home at its full potential. This means even cleaning windows, their tracks, curtains, oven, mirrors, carpet… everything. Not cleaning up will be a huge mistake.

#3. Not paying attention to the exterior

Do not neglect the ‘curb appeal’. What will be the first impression of the home? Is it well manicured, clean and inviting? Mow the laws, weed the garden, high pressure hose your driveway. The exterior is very important and not paying attention to it will be a downfall.

#4. Neglecting the clutter

People will look inside the cupboards, I know they do! So shoving things in there isn’t the answer to a clutter problem. You’ll need to spend some time de-cluttering and almost halving the contents of your home. This can take a bit of work, but it will be worth it in the end. Clutter will not sell your home. It’s a massive turn-off and will block people from seeing the home’s full potential.

#5. Leaving pets at home

This is not so much a styling tip, but you must de-animal your home. Hide the pet stuff from certainly inside your house (no kitty litters, water bowls, cat scratchers). You must also take them with you when you have an open house or inspection. Not everyone is an animal lover. People want to wander through your home without pets hanging around (or feeling like you have had them living inside).

#6. Not letting the light in

Remove heavy curtains, turn on the lights, open the windows. Most homes will have a dark area somewhere so it’s important to make the entire house feel light and bright. You don’t want people to feel like they are walking through a cave.

If you’re not consciously thinking of how your home is styled before you put it on the market I think you’re crazy! Presentation sells. I don’t think we can deny that.

If you live in Wagga, I can help you prepare your home for sale. I can help you style it with the furniture you have, or direct you to buy a few new pieces, and I can even offer a de-cluttering service. Read here for more information on that.

♥ KC.

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  • Anonymous says:

    We’ve just sold our home and what you’ve written should be the bible for anyone selling. It is massively hard work but so worth it come auction day.

  • Anonymous says:

    So true Katrina, when I am visiting and consulting clients on how to prepare there home for sale. After leaving them most of the time I sit in the car and think of banging my head on the steering wheel!!!People are blinded by there the home they live in and sometimes feel there home is presented just fine which is of your not wanting to sell. Constructive criticism is often the best way . I give most of my clients a task to complete each week before we can tackle the main key items many of them what you have listed in your blog this week ✅

  • Trade Furniture Company says:

    Great advice Katrina. All of these tips are worth doing and I especially agree with the last one about letting more light in.