50 decorating ideas that won’t break the bank!

I’m always on the hunt for decorating ideas that won’t break the bank. There’s nothing better than a quick change around of a room, or a new vase, cushion, plant to spruce up an area. I love paint too, so I am always happy to throw that around on walls and furniture! Today I have a list of 50 things you could do to change a space in your home. All the links are to projects I’ve done so you might get some more ideas. Come and take a look …

50 decorating ideas

  1. Paint a door in a high gloss
  2. Create a gallery wall
  3. Change your lighting
  4. Cover an ottoman in patterned fabric
  5. Add a round mirror
  6. Buy a new floor rug
  7. Buy some Edison globes
  8. Add new throw cushions
  9. Paint a feature wall
  10. Use concrete a tray on your coffee table for remotes
  11. Use wallpaper at the back of a bookcase
  12. Create a cluster of candles for interest
  13. Buy an indoor plant
  14. Use cutting from a tree in a vase
  15. Paint your front door
  16. Stack chopping boards for interest in your kitchen
  17. Stack fruit in a bowl (pineapples work the best)
  18. Paint an old chair in a bright colour and use as a bedside
  19. Paint your ceiling a different colour
  20. Buy new taps for your bathroom
  21. Add new towels to your bathroom
  22. Create a DIY coffee table
  23. Use pallets as a bedhead
  24. Add a bar cart to your home
  25. Add a bench seat to your entry
  26. Hide tv cords
  27. Make a Juju Hat
  28. Add a lambs wool throw for glamour
  29. Spray paint old lamps
  30. Change your kitchen knobs
  31. Buy flowers
  32. Paint some garden pots
  33. Add an oversize wall clock
  34. Add European pillows to your bed
  35. DIY bedhead
  36. DIY a wall canvas
  37. Add a pendant light to a corner
  38. Lean a ladder against the wall
  39. Use a trestle table as a desk
  40. Paint a chalkboard wall
  41. Use washi tape on a gallery wall of Polaroid snaps
  42. Add sheer curtains to a window
  43. Create an ezone
  44. Add floorboards to a feature wall
  45. Buy some fake indoor plants
  46. Create a succulent garden
  47. Make a terrarium
  48. DIY floor standing mirror
  49. Paint some furniture black
  50. Make some no-sew cushions

Hopefully the weather is starting to warm up at your house and if you’re like me you’re already thinking of little DIY projects you could tackle over the warmer days. Daylight Saving starts this weekend for us too so that means I am more motivated to get things done. Can’t wait!

Happy decorating. ♥ KC.


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