5 ways to bring more life to your outdoor space

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Australians have outdoor lifestyles. We are meant to breathe fresh air with tasty food and good company. And now that it’s still summer, we surely want to keep those sun rays caressing our faces before rain takes over. To maximise the season, why not let our homes be an appealing place for our friends and family?

First things first. Keep in mind that your outdoor space should still be compatible with your home design. It is an extension of what’s inside, so you should carefully choose all the elements that will be added. Make sure that it does not deviate from the original design, so it would still look good from afar. Here are a few tips to keep your outdoors alive this summer.


It is common to invest heavily on furniture to make this vision a reality. Just remember that you don’t need a lot. Get a few good ones that will complement your personality and keep the guests comfortable and entertained. What’s critical in this renovation? A great deck.

Let the deck steal the spotlight

The deck will connect everything in the scene so you should be very picky. You can check out timber decks from Thomsons Outdoor Pine. They provide quality furniture that is tailored to your personal preferences and impeccable taste. From your barbecue sessions to late night gatherings, a good deck will let you create unforgettable memories.

You may also install a pergola to upgrade your deck. Stay protected from the harsh summer sun or inclement weather that may ruin a celebratory event. With this installation, you can enjoy the great outdoors any time of the year. Also, pergolas can be a good addition to the aesthetic appeal of your space. You may even have it customised to stay aligned with the architectural design of of your home.

Go green

Best way to put more life into the scene? Add pops of greenery. These could range from bright and colourful garden-like background to a sleek and modern minimalist greens. Make sure to use plants that suit the surroundings! These lovely creatures will set the lively ambiance that will welcome guests at any occasion.

Find the right light

To create the perfect lighting, you should decide first what you want to highlight in the area. You could install a hanging light that would highlight a specific furniture or ground lighting that would let you flaunt the walkway. Take note of the basics so that the lighting would complement, not overshadow, your entire space.

Comfy seats

Comfortable seating will surely make your friends stay a bit longer. This could help you relax with them over cold drinks and conversations or alone with a nice book. You can do a lot to gain a higher level of comfort! Throw pillows with different shapes and sizes, outdoor rugs, and even a hammock would be perfect for your outdoor lifestyle. Just remember not to add so much because lack of space doesn’t really give off a cosy feel.

A good outdoor space is not just a spot for entertaining friends and family. This could also be your private escape as you tune out from the hustle and bustle of life. Don’t forget to prioritise comfort above everything else. You may envision different designs to flaunt to visitors, but keep in mind that it is still part of your home. It should be another place where you are most comfortable being yourself.

♥ KC.


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