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5 things I do every day to keep organised

5 things I do every day to keep organised

Tidy as I go

I try not to turn housework in to huge marathons. I like to do little bits often so I can stay on top of it all. This might mean just doing the floors today, and one bathroom tomorrow. The other bathroom might be the next day. I don’t wash all the sheets on the beds at once. That would mean I’d be making up 4 beds at night when I’m tired and nobody wants to do that! I do keep my kitchen benches clear most of the time and straighten up the lounge and cushions before bed time most days. I can’t work in a messy office so I always make sure that I stay on top of that space. I make my boys clean up their mess too. I am always saying pick up your hat, put the drink bottle in the fridge, does that go there?? 😉

Write things down

I don’t let anyone in my house touch a notepad I have sitting beside my work computer. It’s out of bounds. This is the place where I jot down notes of things to complete, to pay, or just general ideas. I love a list! They are good and keep me moving and on track.

I am obsessed with my phone’s calendar

Every single thing I do goes in to my phone’s calendar. I would be lost without it. The second I’ve made an appointment or have something to do I put it in my phone. I put an alert on it if it’s something important I need to do – like sign a school note or send money in. I put school holidays, pupil free days, sports days… everything in it. I can then glance in advance to see where everyone in my family is up to. Seeing as my phone is constantly in my hand I shouldn’t forget a thing! 😉

Make the bed

I can’t start the day properly with an unmade bed. I am always up before my husband, but as soon as he’s in the shower I am busily putting it all back together. The boys mostly make theirs, or I’ll whizz around making them. I think a neat bedroom is important and says a lot about general motivation.

Do at least one load of washing every day

I hate washing. With a passion. I do not enjoy it. Especially putting it away. So while I am happy to wash every day and hang it out, I will often bring it in and let it sit in the laundry for a few days. As long as I’ve washed I am ok. At least we have clean clothes! Usually I’ll put a load on as soon as I wake up. It can be still dark outside and I’ll be hanging out the load for the day.

What things do you do to keep yourself organised? I’d love to hear!



  1. Megan Reading

    10 March

    I agree we the the washing, with 4 boys you have to keep on top of it. And agree as long as it’s clean at least they can wear it

  2. Anita Lane

    10 March

    I agree with all of that, it’s more of a battle getting my younger ones to constantly pick up their mess. You should have your boys changing their own sheets. One less job for you

  3. Kerry Closter

    11 March

    Yep same when my 3 Kids qeee at home, washing on first thing or even at night in summer then take off in the morning when dry before it fades in our climate. Also have to make bed and foof cushions every day, cannot stand an unmade bed!

  4. Cari

    13 March

    Definitely make my bed at the start of the day. It sets a good tone for things, and I find I want to be tidier in my room if it’s made! And I do little bits everyday so it doesn’t become an overwhelming mess!!! I also never wash the sheets in one day…spread that out!!!

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