3 out of 5 mornings in my house…


I know I am not alone when  I say that 3 out of 5 mornings in my house is a living hell. We just cannot seem to get it together…

2 of my kids don’t seem to have settled in to school as quickly as I thought they would. I’ve never had problems with them before, but lately they just will not cooperate. I don’t know what it is. Well, I know it’s nothing serious, they just seem lazy and disinterested! This is why they aren’t jumping out of bed in the morning to go to school.

My eldest is not too bad. He knows he has to go to school and he is happy to be there because he loves his mates.

My 2nd child is a bit clever {bragging I know, but sometimes this isn’t easy to deal with!}. And when I say clever I mean the school has had to write him an extension program to bring home and do because we’ve decided he’s “bored brainless in class.” This is good in some ways, but painful in others because I have to push him to do the extra work because he needs it. And if I don’t push him, then he becomes lazy and goes in to this little world where he’d be happy to sit in front of the ipad all day. {If he wants to do this, then I am trying to get him to play games that test him…} Anyway, that’s a blog topic for another day.

My youngest, well… he’s just the baby. He’d be happy to never do anything in his life. He’ll still be living at home when he’s 30! Ha!

I have 3 boys and they are ALL different. You’d think having 3 boys they’d been similar, but they just aren’t. The only thing similar is that they love being outside and they LOVE football. They’re active kids and would rather be roaming free!

Anyway, so back to our morning routine… No matter how organised I am, I can’t seem to get them organised. There’s just a lot of yelling, and no one goes to school happy. I need this to change quick smart because it’s wearing thin! My husband has always gone to work before the kids get up so I am left to force them to eat breakfast, get dressed, do their hair, teeth, force them to pack their bags… it’s chaotic.

We’re moving house in 3 weeks, so that’s going to be a new routine and maybe this is what we need? Maybe? Or it could get a lot worse.

But as I sit here in the dark, early in the morning, writing this post, I am smiling to myself while they are all still snoozing in bed. I wouldn’t change them for the world. They are my world and God gave me 3 boys because he knew I could handle them. They are precious little turds and I love them no matter what.

Ok, better go and pack some lunches before they wake so I can be ready to start another morning of chaos…. 🙂

Have a great day! X


  • Michelle Hayward

    Oh boy I hear you!!!!! You know me Katrina, with my brood! Can you imagine! Some days NOTHING feels organised and EVERYTHING feels (and IS in reality) CHAOTIC!!! Other days it runs a little smoothly and I wonder why the gods chose to smile on me that day! lol I lap it up when it goes well. It doesn’t often go well! Every household has it’s morning pre-school dramas…ugh! I wish I could take a permanent holiday! I had 3 boys in a row and mine were all different too, so I KNOW what you are talking about. Three for me was a hard juggle actually, it got easier after that, but 3 was definitely a rough number!!! I had 2 hands, 2 laps, and that extra child, um what to do with him til he got bigger! But he did, and he’s 18 now…phew! And I am still juggling kids and lunches. It truly never ends, but like you, I Love ’em and wouldn’t have it any other way!

    *PS I can relate to the gifted child part of the story too! I’ve had a couple of mine in extension classes, and one that was Dux. It doesn’t make the road any easier!!!! In some ways it’s as much of a struggle as the kid who struggles!

  • Tatum

    LOL, I completely get this. My boy spent more time unsettled at school than settled in his whole first year, he still isn’t completely happy this year either 🙁 I have one of those clever kids too and she definitely has her moments. I hope that moving goes smoothly and things settle down for you soon. T xx

  • Kaye

    It was like reading my own thoughts. I have one preteen daughter and two boys. All they need to do is have a bowl of cereal (set out for them), brushes teeth and do hair, get dressed (set out for them) and pack their bags (set out for them). It always ends up like ww3 and we have been even known to get to school without shoes because “you didn’t tell us to get them”. I take heart in the fact a glass of wine is only 12 hours away!!!

  • Scandi Coast Home

    After the year we had last year with school pretty much anything is an improvement. At least we don’t have any bully teachers. Last year I had to stop sending my daughter to school completely in term 4 due to stress.
    The morning routine is tricky here too.

  • Le BHCH

    ah it is a challenge ,,, that morning routine … and no one wants to go to school already tense … try getting them up 15 minutes earlier – I find if I do this and sit on their beds for three to five mins it all goes better 🙂 Le xox

  • Carol

    Hi Katrina,

    I am concerned that your school’s solution to your son being bored in class is to send extra work home for him. Most schools implement individual learning programs (ILPs) to cater for the needs of all students regardless of their learning level. In my son’s year five class for example, there are children achieving at the expected level and some achieving results at year six or year seven level, especially in Maths and with reading. I also suspect there are some achieving results at below the expected level. They may all be in the same classroom but this should not mean they are all completing the same tasks. The school should be catering for all students within the class, at school, not simply sending home extra work for him to do at home. This certainly won’t help. Your poor son will feel like he is being punished. I don’t blame him for not wanting to go to school.

    • Katrina (author)

      They’re definitely catering for him in class too, so I am not concerned. We’ve discussed it at length 🙂

  • Niki

    About a week ago I wrote a similar post. I am sinking too. 2 out of 4 here. Boys too as you know. One very clever, one struggler & 2 in between. I have it covered. LOL. I have 2 that give me grief in the mornings. One time Cj(husband) stayed home & hid & listened to all the shenanigans, needless to say they had the fright of their life when he walked out & just stood their in the middle of the the chaos. HA. Its a hard one, but yes wouldn’t change the little turds for the world. Bahahaha, your funny. Niki

  • Karen Cunningham

    “Precious little turds”! LOL! And I’m a mum of two boys, so I’m allowed to LOL at that… 🙂

  • Elise @ This Little House

    If they can get themselves organised to run around with their mates, and eat their lunch and get themselves back in the classroom when the bell goes at the end of lunchtime, then they are capable of doing it at home too! 🙂 stick to your guns!

  • KL

    LMFAO! You’ve just described 95% of households world wide! I only have one son, 10. My two ‘perfect’ daughters, 23 and 21 were no preparation for mothering a boy…and of course I wouldn’t change it for the world. On good weeks (me being good!) I find the time for a wee bit of bribery….breaky at Maccas on Fri am if the previous morning are easy and co-operative. Creative ‘let’s be naughty and gate-crash x’s house for breakfast to see if we can beat them ready for school’ (obviously with a tuned in friend who’ll reciprocate with secret mummy only warning’. Not all the time of course, they need to learn routine and structure (your immenent move perfect for starting afresh!) but there’s nothing like a wee bit of excitement to look forward to, to motivate a procrastinating boy! x KL

  • Walleyboys

    x4 Boys here and 3 out of 5 days I am ready to adopt them out… Surely the concept of if you get ready for school straight away then you will have time to read comics, play the piano, play Lego,etc before we leave is simple concept but it seems to be unachievable every day!

  • Sonia Life Love Hiccups

    You just described our house to a T… right down to the morning chaos, your love for your boys and the word Turds lol xx

  • Deb

    Thank you for your honest description of my, whoops I mean your mornings. It makes me unreasonably happy to know I am not the only screeching banshee on school days. the funny thing is, no one ever has trouble getting up and ready for footy or tennis!

  • Charmaine

    Oh Katrina I feel for you. I remember those days well and I only had two.!i did the yelling begging pleading thing too and nothing worked. My daughters name is Zoe and my boy would always always call her Slowie, did that get the hackles up 😉 I must tell you it does pass to a certain extent. My son now works and the daughter drives herself to school,!in her own sweet time I might add 😉 Try 10am when she should have been there by 8.50. Anyways, they won’t be little turds forever, they just become bigger and even more lovable . Xxxx

  • Amanda

    Your ‘three little turds’ phrase cracked me up 🙂 My two girls are so very different too. Hope the new routine helps x

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