3 Houseplants to Help you Sleep Better

Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep. However, we know that most nights, waking up rested and recharged feels like a pipe dream. Luckily, there are houseplants that can bring more humidity, higher oxygen levels, and even filter out pollutants in your bedroom. Here are the best plants to harness the power of nature and help attain a luxury good night’s sleep.

  1. Bamboo Palm

Any and all palms bring a tropical spa-like aesthetic into your space. What we love about the bamboo palm is its ability to filter formaldehyde from the air, in addition to raising the humidity to a comfortable level for sleep. Both the air purification and humidity from the bamboo palm reduces asthma and allergy symptoms, along with countless other benefits to help you fall asleep and stay asleep at night.

  • Peace Lily

Along with providing high humidity, like the bamboo palm, peace lilies are also scientifically proven to purify the air! Like all plants, peace lilies also absorb excess carbon dioxide and release oxygen to breathe. In addition, they also absorb household toxins in the air, helping you breathe easy day and night!

  • Spider Plant

There are three main reasons we love spider plants: they are easygoing for beginners, they filter indoor air pollutants, and tolerate low light: the perfect combination to thrive in your bedroom. No matter your situation, the spider plant is a great fit for your indoor jungle!

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♥ KC

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