3 cool Reno Rumble Bedrooms

I love bedroom photos and these 3 below are pretty darn good! Designed and styled up this week on Reno Rumble…

Here’s Kyal & Kara’s very awesome boys bedroom…

BJ_wk4_r1_bed000_277 BJ_wk4_r1_bed001_274 BJ_wk4_r1_bed003_262 BJ_wk4_r1_bed004_271 BJ_wk4_r1_bed007_257 BJ_wk4_r1_bed017_267 BJ_wk4_r1_bed020_269 BJ_wk4_r1_bed021_273

 Their room has given me some inspiration – I think I need to makeover my boys’ rooms again!

Josh & Jenna again nailed it. What can I say? Josh calls this the “divorce wall”! LOL!

JJ_wk4_r1_master000_255 JJ_wk4_r1_master001_229 JJ_wk4_r1_master002_233 JJ_wk4_r1_master005_241 JJ_wk4_r1_master009_253 JJ_wk4_r1_master011_244 JJ_wk4_r1_master012_234 JJ_wk4_r1_master017_242 JJ_wk4_r1_master021_246

The detail was phenomenal. I would love to be sleeping in that room.

Ben & Jemma designed a boho room with the bed on the floor. Love it or hate it?

KK_wk4_r1_bed3000_300 KK_wk4_r1_bed3001_291 KK_wk4_r1_bed3002_297 KK_wk4_r1_bed3003_281 KK_wk4_r1_bed3011_299 KK_wk4_r1_bed3012_282 KK_wk4_r1_bed3018_289 KK_wk4_r1_bed3020_292

The colours were great and it looks very comfy.

What do you think?

♥ KC.

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  • Jen says:

    Hi Katrina,

    I believe you’ve mixed up who did which bedroom! Kyal and Kara did the boys room (at the top) and Ben and Jemma did the boho space 🙂

    In saying that, I adore Kyal and Kara’s room! That bed is fabulous, although I’m not sure I’d like to be the one making it – it’s set quite deep in the frame! That light is amazing though! And the styling on the shelves was so retro but just perfect!

    • Katrina says:

      Silly me! All fixed. Thank you for letting me know. X

  • Mel says:

    I love this boys bedroom that Kyal and Kara have created. Any ideas though on where the bed came from? I’d love one in my boy’s room!!! 🙂 Mel