20 things you can clean in the dishwasher

Your dishwasher could work harder you know! It can clean a lot more things than you realise. It’s such a handy little fella.

There are some items you should avoid throwing in the dishwasher – like fragile, wooden, cast iron, copper and such – but there are many you can.

Just remember not everything is dishwasher safe, so consider that before you throw things in for a clean. Placing on the top rack is always best and possibly run these items on their own cycle.

1. Kitchen sponges and brushes – the high heat from the water will zap those bugs away and clean hidden grime on brushes.

2. Most kitchen/bathroom exhaust fans and covers – no need to stand over the sink, throw them in.

3. Fridge shelves and trays – lay shelves in the dishwasher for a better clean.

4. Drawer organisers – the cutlery trays trap dirt. Throw in bathroom ones too if you have them.

5. Hairbrushes and combs – remove excess hair first.

6. Vases and jars – it will clean off those hard water lines that develop after a while.

7. Power-point/light covers – take the covers off and let the dishwasher clean off any grime.

8. Ceiling light covers – as long as they are dishwasher safe.

9. Dust pan – high heat will get rid of any germs you may have swept up.

10. Sink drainer – because it’s always filthy.

11. Soap dishes and toothbrush holders – even throw your toothbrush in.

12. Manicure tools – they will come up brand new and clean.

13. Bath toys – an easy way to remove any built up slime that can happen if they’ve been in the bath too long.

14. Garden tools – you’ll be happy to see how clean they are.

15. Thongs (shoes!) – you’ll get brand new looking summer shoes.

16. Keys (not the ones with batteries) – because you never know where they’ve been.

17. Pet bowls – we wouldn’t eat out of a dirty bowl so why should our pets?

18. Vacuum tools – no more built up dust.

19. Car cup holders – even compartments from the car could use a good clean.

20. Oven knobs – bet you’ve never thought about taking those off?

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  • Tina

    Thank you for a great post – didn’t think of half those things. When I clean my oven, I put the shelvings, etc into the dishwasher – they come up sparkling…

  • Graysonau

    Thanks for sharing.very useful information clean in the dishwasher.

  • Home Appliance Geek

    I stumbled upon your post when writing a similar article myself. I hadn’t thought about the cutlery drawer inserts, that’s a great shout!

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