$1000 Off Your Mortgage Each Month for 6 Months


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I just wanted to quickly tell you about a promotion where you could receive $1,000 off your mortgage each month for 6 months and/or get access to the lowest home loan interest rates of 3.79%. Sounds pretty awesome to me! Anyone can win the $6k off their current mortgage, even if you are already happy with your current loan!

It’s just a quick survey (2 questions!) you fill out over here if you want to access those really low interest rates, or simply just fill the form in to be in the running for that huge $1,000 every month of your mortgage.

This is an amazing offer for those of you looking to buy your first home or imagine having an extra $6k at the end of the year – maybe you could plan a family holiday?! Or maybe you’re looking for a better deal and are thinking of refinancing and consolidating some debts. Or, you just want a break with a $6k lighter mortgage!

Check it out here. Every little bit counts!

♥ KC.
*I am being compensated on a commission base.


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