10 ways to use pressed metal tin

Let’s bring back pressed metal tin. Well, I’m not sure it ever left, but I love seeing this product pop up in the interior design world. In the last house I built we did a pressed metal tin splash-back. And I loved it! I haven’t used any in my current house, but I am sure I could sneak some in somewhere…

It’s such a versatile product, and easy to DIY because it comes in panels (as opposed to learning how to tile). So check out some of these gorgeous photos. You might be inspired! Here’s 10 ways to use pressed metal tin…

1. Kitchen wall

Instead of having overhead cupboards, or trying to decide on a splash-back, use black tin for maximum impact. It adds texture and drama to a modern space.


2. Backing to shelves

I love this idea used in the kitchen. Bottom half uses a marble, but added to the top is a simple pressed metal pattern.


3. Panelling

Yes! How gorgeous does this look? Visually pleasing and very easy to do to a boring hallway. You’d just glue the panel on and add fancy skirting to the top and bottom.


4. Kitchen island

Whether you use it on the side or front you won’t regret this. Usually when you pick a new kitchen you’ll be asked about the ends and front… and most people have no idea what to do with that space. And if you’re on a budget then usually you’ll just pick a solid laminate, but using pressed metal would be such a feature piece. Again, this could be a DIY you attempt at a later date.


5. Laundry

This image below is very cute. It’s a small area so pressed metal tin fits perfectly. It’s easy to cut to fit in your space.


6. Bathroom

Pressed metal tin in bathrooms is pretty popular. There are plenty of white walls on Pinterest, but this black one adds emotion and impact. I really like it in the bathroom. I’d probably opt for white (because I am a white freak!).


7. Bedhead

WOW, isn’t this a cool idea? A DIY bedhead using tin panels. Click the source below to be taken to the tutorial. You can easily do this yourself. Would look great in a little girl’s room too.


8. Doors

Turn a simple flat skin door in to a feature.


9. Feature wall

This one looks great in the bedroom, but you could add a feature wall anywhere in your home. Living area? Dining? I like how they’ve added the same wall paint to the additional surrounding walls.


10. Door inserts

Replace door panels with pressed tin. This looks great! You’d just pop out the old panels and replace with the new. Click the source on the image below to see a tutorial.


Have you used pressed metal tin before? I’d love to see! ♥ KC.