10 Travel Tips for a Healthy & Safe Family Holiday

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Do you find traveling with kids easy or painful?!

Most people find it overwhelming and too hard! I have 3 wild boys and nothing is smooth sailing with my lot, but we still do manage to go places together. We don’t fly very often, but we do head out on car trips as much as we can. It might be day trips, weekend trips to the footy or a week at the beach. In Wagga, we seem to be situated in the middle of nowhere, so to travel anywhere (like Sydney, Melbourne or the beach!) we’re looking at car trips of 5 hours or more… If I don’t have a plan in place, we can spend the entire trip yelling, fighting, punching and hurting each other… boys!

Here is a list of some tips that work for me…

Get the kids to help.

I usually explain to the boys what time we’re leaving, how long it will take and I suggest things they should gather up to take with them when traveling. If they are responsible for their own belongings – like their headphones, chargers, drink bottles and pillows – then when we start the trip they’ll be more responsible of knowing whether they brought it with them or not. That way if I forget something I’m not the worst Mum in the world!

Have something for the kids to do.

My kids range from a teenager down to an 8 year old, so they differ in what activities will keep them amused whilst traveling. My teen needs headphones -that’s a must. He loves his music and as long as he can charge his phone in the car he’s happy. I also make sure he has data on his phone. He keeps busy watching YouTube videos – and anything to keep him away from annoying his brothers is a bonus. The younger 2 boys also like their devices, but they are happy to play games and chat amongst themselves.

Their Dad and I also like the old eye-spy game. It’s hard to beat me at that one!

Food + drink.

If I need a quick change in pace, or to distract them from being restless then food always helps. I keep the bag under my feet so I get to be in control of it and just distribute in small doses. Each child also needs their own drink bottle – then we don’t have to fight over that either.

When we arrive at our destination I also head straight for the supermarket. This way I am not forking out money on rubbish all the time. Even when we’re camping I have a well stocked supply of fruit and fresh water. There’s nothing worse than having a hyped up, sick kid from eating too much rubbish. I also try and stick to the normal snack foods we might eat.

Motion sickness.

Poor Tex (who is 10) always gets motion sickness. It usually happens more-so in the morning, but under my feet on a car trip I keep a ‘sick bowl’ and some wipes. He’s pretty good at letting me know though so we can pull over and let him regain his balance. Both my husband and I used to get car sick too as kids! I also have some Kewel handy which I try to give him before we get moving too much.


I always ask the boys to take their pillows with them. No one likes falling asleep on someone’s shoulder – you’ll get a rude nudge! It also makes them feel more comfortable and hopefully they’ll snooze a little longer. Plus when we’re at our destination bed time becomes a little easier when they have some comfort brought from home.


Too much activity on holidays just makes the boys anxious, ratty and bad behaved. So some down-time is a must. Whether that’s a lay in the tent, or on the couch, watch some tv or have a day snooze, then I am all for it. I can usually tell from their “attitude” when it’s time to back off on the activities for the rest of the day and let them catch their breath (and mine too!).

Pack some medicine.

My boys are rarely sick, but they do get a headache now and then. So on hand, I always have a hydralyte and panadol. On top of that I pack scissors, bandaids and dettol cream (just in case there’s a cut knee, a splinter or a ripped fingernail – it happens! ha!).

Don’t over pack.

I have got so much better at this! I used to pack everything I could and fill the boot to the brim. But that just causes so much more stress when you get home. If you can wash the undies and a couple of t-shirts while you are away then that’s prefect! No need to pack too much. Check ahead and see if there is a washing machine available and that way you can halve what you’re putting in your suitcase. Of course, you don’t want to spend your entire trip washing, but a less packing is always a good thing.

Make sure your home is secure.

Leaving my home behind is never easy. I am really really attached to it and I stress a lot about leaving the dogs and the house. I worry about it all being there when I return. Triple check your security at home and make sure no one can get in. Let your neighbours know and ask them to keep a look out for anything suspicious. Is your contents insurance up-to-date? Just in case!

Travel Insurance.

Not only do we need to make sure our house is secure when we leave, but we also need to think about travel insurance. Bupa travel insurance is available for both members and non-members travelling domestically and internationally for short or long periods and no-one should neglect buying travel insurance when travelling regardless of destination or length of trip. Travel insurance can cover medical expenses for injury or illness, as well as theft of valuables, damage to baggage and cancellations or interruptions to flight plans. Accidents can happen to anyone, and medical costs overseas can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars. Not a fun way to end a family trip! So if you’re thinking of a holiday, you should get a quote from Bupa Travel Insurance.



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Good luck!


  • Lee Mills

    RESEARCH! A few years ago we took the kids to Disneyland and I asked around if anyone had tips they could share…..we found out about things such as (name bands on arrival into Disneyland in case the kids get separated from you), a local Target that sold some “fresh” food nearby when we all got sick of “big breakfasts”, also the biggest tip of all to get the kids their very own backpacks to carry a bottle of water, some snacks and their own jacket…priceless and trust me these were tips you won’t find in any travel brochure…so yep for me it would be if you are travelling with kids so the research!!

  • Candy Dashwood

    Great Tips, Katrina!
    Another one is to take a photo of your suitcase contents when travelling overseas especially of valuable items. This will come in handy should you be required to put through an insurance claim if your bag gets lost or stolen. And keep all your receipts of purchased goods in your carry on or handbag.

  • michelle

    I like to cook a lot of our meals when we go away as it just gets so expensive! So even though at home I’m hopeless at meal planning when I’m away I take a mealplan and shopping list! A quick stop at the supermarket on arrival and I’m set for the week and can relax knowing we are eating healthy and not blowing the budget on takeaway everynight!

  • Malinda @mybrownpaperpackages

    This is great, I love travel with my kids and see no reason to stop, my biggest advice is to simply change your perspective of what travel will be like. Yes, it will be slow travel but as long as you are prepared, easy going and have emergency snacks 🙂 than you will be fine.

    • Katrina (author)

      Hi Malinda! You’re the winner of my Bupa Travel Pack! Hooray. Can you email me your address and we’ll get it sent off?

  • Paula

    Plan/Research! Get on tripadvisor.com, find out the best spots to visit at your destination, places to eat and places to stay.

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