How to save a dying fiddle leaf fig

We’ve all be caught out haven’t we?? Lured by those amazing Instagram photos of the perfect fiddle leaf fig, searched high and low for our own, only to get it home and 3 months later see that it’s dying a slow death!

I killed one. I wasn’t proud of that….

Around here lately

The year officially begins in February doesn’t it? I think January is always a write-off… I get nothing substantial achieved until school goes back.

In my last catch up I mentioned I was off to Bathurst for the week with my big boy so he could play cricket. He was…

5 tips if you’re renovating for profit

Some people renovate to sell, others renovate to improve their current home. The rewards are usually 2 things – money or satisfaction (or a mix of both!).

Renovating a home can be a very stressful experience and it can be messy and painful if you aren’t sure where to start.

Here’s 5 tips to…


  • Grew this jade plant from cuttings jade jadeplant moneyplant luckyplant
  • SATURDAY  A couple have gone to cricket a few
  • Still in  with my beaded chandelier from littleboholane
  •  diy barndoor katrinashome
  • I have smudged the shit out of everything in my
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  • So hairy so snuggly
  • Sunday morning 2 are at a sleepover 1  husband
  • I had a burst of energy But its gone now