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Hi! I’m Katrina!

interior stylist
I'm addicted to blogging and the digital world and have been writing on here since 2006.
I’ve got 3 boys who I love fiercely. I'm about to be a grandma too! I have a Uni degree in advertising and marketing but am super passionate about interior design, the real estate industry, renovating and anything DIY.
I’ve had Crohn’s disease since I was 18 years old. I’ve had lot of sickness over the years so I had permanent colostomy surgery in 2018, then late last year I had a completion proctectomy
Currently I’m renovating (again), hosting an Airbnb and looking for my next project!
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The formula to choosing the right sized artwork

Just a quick tip today! Ever walked into a room and thought ‘Wow, this space looks amazing”, or flipped through a home magazine and a particular image stops you and take a moment to study it before you flip on thinking “There is no way I can do that…”?? Well I am here today to […]

Are you using PRESETS for your social media photos?

Instagram is getting very competitive and a good looking feed really counts! I am no expert at this and I take pretty basic photos, but a fancy “preset” (or filter) over the top can really transform your feed. I can’t add a photo to Instagram without one now. They are addictive! I’ve discovered a lot […]

Use Clove Essential Oil to kill mould

My friend (who is much more knowledgeable about oils) told me to use CLOVE essential oil as a mould cleaner. She said it was a powerhouse and there was a science behind it. We all need a bit of proof and science hey?? There’s this measuring thingy called the ORAC scale. ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) is […]

Hanging plants to bring nature into your home

A hanging plant can fill a corner in an instant. Take your house plants up off the ground and on to the walls, hanging from ceilings, put on shelves or even in a plant stand. Below are 10 hanging plants you could add to your home. Most of them are about $30 to buy in […]