Unusual and hidden talents

We all have a talent (so The Universe says). Some of us have discovered them, some of us haven’t.

My sister, Amie, discovered hers only 6 weeks ago…

We always knew Amie loved to bake, but we never knew she could do this. Heck, she didn’t even know!

Amie has been a great source of laughter in our house over the last few weeks… my jaw is on the ground and I have been screaming at her WHHHHAAAAT?? HOOOOWW???

So, from out of the blue, Amie started a cake business 6 weeks ago. A talent has emerged.

She found her niche at aged 32 and I have been squealing with laughter ever since.

You hear of people who suddenly discover they can read music, play a guitar, or sing… not knowing for years they could even do that.

Amie is like a ‘cake’ prodigy.

She has not sat, slept, or eaten for 6 weeks. The cakes have consumed her. Hard work will pay off Amie!

So yesterday, she came to Wagga and brought 9 sponges (she’d made them all early yesterday morning) to deliver to people who had ordered them over facebook. She’s doing weekly deals, and this week’s special is Sponges.

I can’t show you all of her cakes here, so get on over to her facebook page: The Cake Crush and check them out!

If you’re in Wagga, she comes over lots, so order something :). Or, she’s permanently based in Albury.

PS. One of those sponges was mine and yep, we polished it off!

PS. If you follow me on twitter you’ll know I was talking about a new hair colour – do you like my new “skunked” look with dark underneath the fringe? I LOVE!

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  • http://www.workingwomenaustralia.com.au Workingwomenaus

    The new hair looks great! As for Amie’s amazing cake abilities, I’m just grateful she’s driving distance from me. No more birthday cake baking for me! Woo hoo

    • http://www.katrinaleechambers.com Katrina

      Yes! She would meet you halfway!

  • http://www.fitbodyfifty.com Kek

    Hilarious! How do you not know you have this amazing talent?

    I’m loving Amie’s cake pics…. It’s a good thing I don’t live anywhere nearby, or I’d be scoffing cake like it’s going out of fashion. ;)

    • http://www.katrinaleechambers.com Katrina

      I think it’s the strangest thing that has ever happened! One day you wake up and discover you can do this??!! HA!

  • http://thequinlivanfamily.blogspot.com.au Jode

    WOW WOW WOW! One very cleaver lady is your sister!
    I have checked out Amie’s cakes on Facebook, they are amazing, she must be very proud of herself, finding her hidden talents!
    A little birdie told me that we may even get to taste test one of her beautiful cakes at Melbourne next weekend?? Yummy! Can’t wait.
    Your new hair colour looks fab, but you seem to be able to put off just about any hair colour, you lucky duck!
    See you next weekend, very excited!
    x Jode

    • http://www.katrinaleechambers.com Katrina

      Yes! You should see what she has planned for Ona! Can’t wait to see you. You, Kim and I will be the non-drinking buddies. Will you be coming Friday? X

      • http://thequinlivanfamily.blogspot.com.au Jode

        Yes, I’ll be there one Friday, Kim’s picking me up from the airport.
        See you then! x Jode

        • http://thequinlivanfamily.blogspot.com.au Jode

          “on” Friday! haha C U Then!

  • http://scandicoast.blogspot.com/ Scandi Coast Home

    Hi Katrina,
    After seeing pics of Amie’s sponges I almost baked something last night (does it count if it’s from a packet?). How do they hold up in the post? I’m in Newcastle ;o)
    Your hair looks so good……I just got mine done the other day……it’s kind of similar ;o) ;o) ;o)
    Tania xx

    • http://www.katrinaleechambers.com Katrina

      Thanks Tania! Haha, I’d never attempt a sponge! I’m hopeless!

      • http://scandicoast.blogspot.com/ Scandi Coast Home

        You’re not hopeless Katrina……
        You’ve gotta love yourself……warts and all ;o)
        Tania xx

  • http://www.chroniclescamera.blogspot.com Cathy

    I was craving Amie’s cupcakes the other day, then the sponges popped up….mmmm… They look so yummy! Alas, I live too far away

    • http://www.katrinaleechambers.com Katrina

      Bummer! Meet halfway?? ;)

  • Sue

    Love the Sponge haven’t had one for years…she is great I have trouble cooking one cake..

    • http://www.katrinaleechambers.com Katrina

      It was so yummy! Better than Nan’s haha!

  • http://hanginwiththehaywards.blogspot.com Michelle Hayward

    I have discovered talents later in life too! It’s weird how you have no idea you can do something and then BAM suddenly you’re just good at it…I can’t explain that at all!

    • http://www.katrinaleechambers.com Katrina

      It’s so funny!

  • http://paisleyandpolkadotthreads.blogspot.com/ Catherine

    What an amazing story!!!! And congratulations to Amie, it’s a wonderful story to hear of someone finding their passion. Thanks for sharing Katrina – makes me feel good!

    • http://www.katrinaleechambers.com Katrina

      You’re welcome! X

  • http://www.somethinggorgeous.blogspot.com Something Gorgeous

    Well done Annie, we were only discussing this morning how lovely it would be to have your passion as your job. The cakes look amazing and I love your new hair colour. xToni

    • http://www.katrinaleechambers.com Katrina

      Thanks Toni!

  • http://www.restyledvintage.com Karen@RestyledVintage

    Good on her, that is so cool. Her cupcakes look amazing and the flavours sound just divine!

    I guess I discovered my ‘talent’ in 2009. I had a long career in banking since I left school (in 1989…eeek!) that I happily gave up when I had kids. I didn’t want to go back, and I can’t sit still for long so I started refurbishing furniture for my own home, a hobby I had wanted to try forever but had always been…I don’t know, too scared or something. I surprised even myself by my first attempt. My Dad, who never hands out compliments, said to me ‘you should sell that’ which meant he thought it was really good. So I did, and the rest is history. I am not going to become rich or famous over it, lol, but it isn’t about that. This ‘job’ keeps my creativity flowing, and keeps me busy. I get to sift around op shops in the name of ‘work’ (lol) and I get to make pretty things that make people smile. Approving mortages at Westpac never gave me a tenth of that fulfillment!

    Your hair looks lovely. I recently went dark after being blonde forever as I was sick of seeing roots all the time. I am getting it done again next week as it has faded heaps but I still love it. Such a novelty to have roots the same colour as my hair ;)

    xx Karen

  • Amanda

    My best friend in the USA was made redundant from her office admin job in her mid 40′s. She had worked part time and looked after the family for years.. she was gutted about the redundancy (prompted by a jealous co-worker who felt threatened by my friend’s ability to do a better job)… anyway after some contemplation she went to art school and unlocked this A~M~A~Z~I~N~G talent that I don’t think even she knew was hidden in there. She has graduated with honours and is now a senior lecturer – picked up digital art in a flash too. She is so inspiring and what a waste it would have been if she didn’t have the courage (or support from her family) to have a go… from little things big things grow

  • Amanda

    And personally… I have decided to take my divorce settlement and build an on-line fashion empire and be the person I would not have been allowed to be if I had stayed in my marriage… I will hopefully be saved by The Perfect Little Black Dress (LBD) for every woman!… nothing to do with my career and LBK (life before kid)

    • http://www.katrinaleechambers.com Katrina

      Good on you!!

  • http://penny-barns.blogspot.com Penny barns

    I must get my mum and sister to like Amies FB page.

    • http://www.katrinaleechambers.com Katrina

      Yes :)

  • http://fivebrothersonesister.blogspot.com Deanne

    Well done to Amy!

    • Emily Woodhouse

      Yeah, Amy welldone!

  • http://fivebrothersonesister.blogspot.com Deanne

    Sorry that should read! Well done to Amie!

  • http://StyleathomebySamantha Samantha

    Gorgeous sponges, the look just perfect. Congratulations Aime.x

  • Red Roses and Crystal

    What’s the word that is so popular nowadays…Amazeballs (?) yeah, well, that!!
    Absolutely brilliant Amie I wish you evey success with the business xx

    Love this new blog layout Katrina, does it only present this way for iPad? I haven’t read your blog on the computer as I’m always on the iPad these days. And I guess it’s not something one can activate with dreary Blogger? xx

    • http://www.katrinaleechambers.com Katrina

      Yes, it’s an ipad friendly layout – you can turn it off and on on the bottom. It’s so it loads quicker for ipads. Sometimes people just want to read the content and not wait for all the fancy stuff to come up :)

  • http://cattleandcushions.blogspot.com.au/ Cattle and Cushions

    Love the look of those sponges. Yum!

    Very clever Amie!

  • http://pennyhackney.blogspot.com Penny H

    Awwwww yum!!!!! Hehehehe….my mouth is actually watering right now!
    I’ve recently discovered that there is a name for what you’ve just described……sparks! I’m so happy for Amie that she has found hers! Google ‘Sparks Search Institute’ – it’s an awesome concept, and the site has some great ideas for us mums to help our kids develop their own “sparks”. Such an important part of life!

  • http://www.redcliffestyle.com Rachel

    Yum!! Good on her. She must feel awesome. Rachel xx

  • http://www.musingsanddelights.blogspot.com Jo

    Wow, its so inspiring to see her find something she is not only talented at, but loves at age 32 (not that 32 is over the hill!!). I turn 32 next year so I am really excited by this and the potential for me to pursue something new!

  • http://westendcottage.blogspot.com.au Caroline

    Good on you Amie for chasing your dreams. Sounds like you were on the wrong TV show. Next time you’ll have to audition for Masterchef or MKR. xx

  • Kelly

    I do crystal cake toppers on Facebook if she is ever after some ;)

  • Anna

    That sponge cake looks so good! I’m heading to have a look on her website right now.