Top Shopping Picks

In my travels around the internet I see some cool things I want to buy and just have to have. I saved a few links this week and wanted to share them with you. A couple of these babies are on my “need” list ;)

And a couple have already made their way to my house!


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If you have an item you want me to display (and link to) on my blog email me and we’ll chat.

Here is my new gig for the next couple of months – writing about how to Soothe the Soul and use your ME time. Don’t forget to pop over and take a look.


  1. says

    My nearly 7yo daughter has asked for a plywood stag head for her bedroom, which she would like painted gloss white or gloss pink. WT?? For someone so young, she has great a design style.

  2. Michelle says

    Love them all Katrina, can you please do post you top shopping picks more often? I need inspiration, my home is so lifeless. I have just purchased the skulls (my boys will love) and the deer. THANK YOU <3

  3. says

    By the way…how do I get my icon pic to post with my comments instead of the patchwork pattern? Have fiddled to try to resolve this but not having any luck!
    x KL

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