This is how I fill the days…

This is how I fill the days…


This is how I fill the school holidays… with these crazy kids.

3 x mine.

4 x nephews.

2 x friends.

Most days we hang out. As long as there is plenty of food, they are happy. Love them!


  1. Rebecca

    24 January

    Oh my! That is crazy! Looks like fun though… I’m sure there’s lots of hijinks!

  2. Mrs Woog

    24 January

    So many boys! I know what that is like x

  3. Julie

    24 January

    Ohh my I can only imagine how much food you would need to feed that bunch. Bet it’s heaps of fun though πŸ™‚

  4. Le BHCH

    24 January

    BOYS !!! love boys πŸ™‚ le xox

  5. Rachel

    25 January

    Wow! You are so much braver than me πŸ™‚

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