You all know I’m in New York for a blog conference thanks to Kidspot don’t you? Ha! I forgot for a while what I was actually here for. This city has consumed me in so many ways. It’s better than I imagined. I am enjoying it so much.

But today I had some serious stuff to do. I was hanging to learn all about blogging from the American perspective. A couple of words to sum it up so far…



Leading the way.

I’ll do a follow up post, but truly, the Americans are years ahead of us. They are leading the way big time. Australia has a lot of catching up to do in the way in which bloggers work with brands. If you follow my tweets and are interested in some of my opinions on today’s sessions go and and see what I said. Tomorrow is another day of “geekness”. You know I love this stuff!

PLUS if you followed my tweets earlier on, you’d know that A-M and I ended up face to face with Martha Stewart. Photos are on Instagram, but here is a little video!


See you tomorrow! K.