The Block 2014: Fans vs Favs

What do you think? For 2014 there will be a Fans vs Favs series of The Block. Of course I’m going for the boys! Can’t wait to watch!

Will you be watching? Filming is already underway!

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  • Sarah Read

    Definitely going for the boys!!!!

  • Chris Robinson

    yup Dale and Brad for me. Apart from the girls are there any others that are favorites? I can only recognize those four.

    • Katrina Chambers

      only the 4 you know. The rest are new. X

      • Julie Dean

        I just seen fans Kenny & Jesse’s the block you tube video. I can’t believe she’s a miner. She looks so tiny. Love Dale & Brad, it should be a good season.

  • Melissa Lawrence

    Seriously getting The Block withdrawal! Go the boys!

  • Parisgirl

    Yep, go the boys!

  • Kylee {Brodricks go live 365}

    Oh exciting, go boys go.

  • Karrine Beasley

    YAY DALE! Cant wait to see what Dale and Brad come up with working together. Love the girls style too, so happy that they’re back too! Cant wait :)