The festoon lights are up, the pool is clean, the lawn is green and I am well and truly ready for Summer! My kids love a night time swim. I usually have to yell at them to get out (especially when they have school the next morning!).

I’m on the hunt for a few new things to jazz up my back yard. I can’t seem to find the perfect outdoor table and chairs (without a $3,000 price tag!). Have you seen anything around? I actually spotted a couple at Early Settler surprisingly. I might wait for some New Year sales. We’re also going to add a step to our deck (DIY project coming soon!), and add some more soil/turf to the patch of grass to the left to bring it up a bit more level with the deck. That’ll be a January holiday project.

I love the cricket on TV too in the Summer. Reminds me of being a kid waiting for Santa to come and counting down the days. We love to lay out on the couch (behind that hedge) and watch the Big Bash. That’s if I can hear it over my boys drowning each other in the pool 😉

We woke up this morning and my boys headed straight for the Advent Calendars. That’s the best part of December isn’t it?? Eating a chocolate every day? Ha! They asked when could we put the tree up? I said next week or something. I’m mean aren’t I? But I usually only put it up 2 weeks beforehand and it comes down Boxing Day!

Where do you spend Christmas? When I was a kid it was always at my grandparents’ house in Urana (very very small country town). We’d spend 1-2 weeks there sometimes. I have the best memories. My Pop passed away and my Nan now lives close to my Mum so we don’t head out there as much anymore. I am passing through Urana on a trip this weekend so that will be nice.

We always have Christmas in different places. Sometimes it’s with my family, sometimes with the in-laws. A few times we’ve even taken off for a week on Christmas Eve – just on our own. I love that. This year we’re heading to my sister’s place for lunch then on to Melbourne for a few days to watch the Box Day Test (ssshhhhhh don’t tell my boys it’s a surprise!). Their little eyes will pop on Christmas morning when I tell them to pack a bag because we’re heading to Melbourne after lunch. Can’t wait! My husband knows I don’t keep secrets well so he’s really drilled it in to me to ZIP MY LIPS. It’s been hard!

OK, I’m off to bring the washing in, it dries in a matter of minutes in the sunshine. That’s another thing I LOVE about Summer. What do you love?

♥ KC.