I love fonts. I can’t get enough of them. I can spend hours searching high and low for that perfect font.

I shared a post here a while ago about How to download fonts. So pop over there for a mini tutorial.

Here are some more of my favourites. They were all free fonts. Just google their names and you’ll find them.

Have you ever seen a font someone has used and wondered what it’s called and how do you get it?

Well, I have the answer! Save the image the font is used in (like a banner, or even scan a business card) and then upload it to this site here: Font Identification Forum on dafont.com. Sign up as a member (it’s free and really easy), then click NEW TOPIC, SUBJECT (I usually say “does anyone know what this font is called?“) then I don’t worry about MESSAGE – just load up the image and wait for someone to answer you. Make sure you tick notify me of replies. That’s it! Presto! I usually get an answer within a few hours.

So there you go, some more fonts for you!