Let’s talk about The Block All Stars

Let’s talk about The Block All Stars

Hello! Thanks for coming back. Yesterday was a strange post. I just had to get that off my chest. As you do. Thank you everyone for your comments. I didn’t feel like responding. What was I supposed to say? “Uh huh, yep, I agree“. You know I love you! So thank you again for reading and commenting. I’ll try not to be so heavy again 🙂

Ok, so let’s move the frock on…

Let’s talk about one of my favourite topics… The Block. Well, The Block All Stars. I went there on the weekend and saw some pretty cool stuff. Of course, I’m not going to tell you what I saw! Haha, but I’ll tell you how they are feeling…

I arrived around 10am Sunday. Sunday is normally room reveal day, but they were working on a large room so they had a couple of extra days up their sleeve (but this cuts in to the next reveal, so the following one will be hectic!). It was eerily quiet and there were no tradies – just the teams in their house’s painting. There were camera crews quietly wandering and everyone was still mic-ed up.

The houses have serious heritage conditions to abide by, so it made it hard for them to throw caution to the wind. Huge parts of the house were unable to be touched. You’ll have to watch to see how they get around it all.

First I spotted Phil. We hugged, I asked a billion questions and he took me through his house. Amity was there too. I am really impressed. I love their style. Very me. They are nearing the end of the filming so most rooms are done. But most rooms are messy and are storing items. Lots of plastic covering things, the floors have plastic too.

I walked outside and was chatting to the crew when Jenna yelled out “I could guess that voice anywhere“. Ha! She was tired. I could tell she’d had enough. Filming will be finished in a few days so the end was near. I know that feeling. They are just about to start the outside – brutal. I popped a mic on and we wandered through her house. She pointed everything out (there’s some rather cool things!) telling me whether she won that room, or not and explained a couple of the challenges and how they have been playing for extra money. Some of the rooms I picked straight away as their style and some rooms were so different! Especially the kitchen – it wasn’t what I was expecting (but in a good way).

Josh then rocked up. He’d been out getting more paint. He has grown his hair, looked tired and was covered in paint. I was like – why why why Josh? We laughed! Suckers.

I saw Dani for about 5 seconds. Gave her a quick kiss and she had to bolt as they were filming car shots (ie. go driving in their cars and be filmed for promotion). Jenna showed me through their house. Looks to me like the show will be really competitive with each house coming up with new and fresh ideas.

I then ducked through the boys house (Mark & Duncan). Mark had a little heart scare 2 weeks ago and was rushed to hospital via ambulance. He didn’t return to the show (although he is much better!). He has a replacement – but I can’t tell you who it is! You’ll have to watch for that one 🙂

The show will be great. It airs early next year. Some of the relationships we thought would occur probably won’t – they’ll head down a different path. Which will be so much fun to watch. I’ll be tuning in each day and blogging through it all.

Will you be watching The Block?

PS. There will also be another series in 2013 – later in the year – with the usual fresh contestants, so it will be a big year for tv renovation…




  1. Thea

    12 December

    I’ll be watching…love it!!

  2. Deanne

    12 December

    should be great fun, love a good block show!

  3. Kira

    12 December

    I cannot wait for The Block to be back in 2013! All the TV ads appearing have gotten me so excited. I love the heritage look of the old house too. Yay for two series!

  4. penny barns

    12 December

    Arrrhhhhhh come on more info!!!!!!! lol
    “big sigh”
    Bring it on. LOVE IT The Block that is

    Very jealous and i would love to have a go at it.

    Pen x

  5. Kylie

    12 December

    Can’t wait for the show to start! We are about to start our own reno 🙂

  6. Amanda

    12 December

    Sounds great – can’t wait! I’ll be watching for sure… with our own renovation swimming around in my head, I”m after lots of ideas and inspiration… x

  7. Kazzie

    12 December

    For absolutely certain I’ll watch it! You couldn’t pry me away! 🙂

  8. mctool75

    12 December

    Of COURSE I’ll be watching, I’m a blockhead from way back!!!!!

  9. Clare

    12 December

    I am sooooooo looking forward to it!! My favourite tv viewing 😉

  10. kell

    12 December

    Tried to comment yesterday Katrina, but dodgy laptop problems got in the way. Just wanted to tell you to keep doing what you do so well, I love your blog, and you are so generous. My 10 yr old and I can’t wait for this to start next year! Enjoy the rest of your week, take care x

  11. Michelle Hayward

    13 December

    Oh wow, that was a fun read! You have definitely piqued my curiosity now…damn!!!! I love the front of that house! I want one!!! Thanks for sharing 🙂 x

  12. Livsbliss

    13 December

    Cant wait for the block…!! keen to see all the styles that are used.

  13. RosieRose

    14 December

    Ooh u have the bestest fun girl….

  14. Angel

    19 December

    Oh! I’m so glad we’re “friends” HaHa. (read: I stalk your blog) This post really got me excited for the new season. I’ve seen a couple of teaser ads & can’t wait for the show. I really look forward to your comments during airing.

  15. Anna

    2 January

    i cant wait for the block all stars!!!!!!!

  16. Anna

    3 January

    you have such a unique style I LOVE IT!!!

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