There are no rules and we shouldn’t feel the pressure, but sometimes I just think I am crap at being a Mother. I just can’t shake off that feeling.

I was beating myself up during the week…

♥ They watch too much tv

♥ They play their ipods too much

♥ Oh, someone else reads to their child every single night for half an hour?

♥ We haven’t eaten proper vegetables for 3 weeks

♥ His pants are too short and I’ve neglected to notice

♥ I don’t talk to them enough about life

♥ My kids don’t know how to make their beds

It’s always something. That list can probably go on and on.

I guarantee at one point in our lives we are comparing our mothering skills to that of another. It’s just natural to do that, but boy does it make you feel like crap.

I’ve had that kind of week… where I’ve over-thought too many things and almost had myself in tears on Wednesday because I thought “maybe I really suck at this job“. Nothing in particular had happened. I don’t know what set me off.

I think I was feeling like I had to pull the reigns in on my family. You know that feeling (I know you know it!), when you just want to grab the kids and tuck them under your wing and re-group? I wanted to get them all together and cook for them, read to them, teach them things, fix their clothes… you know that MUM-STUFF. It’s a funny feeling you get when you worry about the job you’re doing.

But it’s a fleeting moment, and then I realised I’m doing ok. I’m not that crap at being a Mum. I just felt a moment of weakness. I mean, sometimes I still don’t feel grown up enough to have 3 kids. My eldest is 10! I think I have to pinch myself sometimes.

I’m doing the best job I can do. We all are. With no manuals and no help… I’m winging it like I always do.

Do you have those moments?

Update: The second you say you’re a little down in the dumps, people love it. They snigger and pump their chests out. I will block your ass if I feel like it. MY blog peeps (and MY twitter!). I do not want you to blow sunshine up my backside… I don’t blog for that reason. I’m just a sharer. Sorry, venting was necessary. Tall poppy syndrome in Australia strikes again.

Ok, I’m done. How’s the weather today hey? Freezing here!