How to make a Facebook Cover photo

This is so easy and you too can have a cool Facebook cover photo.

I thought about doing screen shots and cutting and pasting all the steps, but that can get confusing for you. The easiest way is for me to do a video tutorial so you can see where I’m clicking and I can talk you through some options.



A Facebook Cover Photo should be 851 x 315 in size.
A Facebook Profile Image should be 180 x 180 in size.

Now go ahead and make yourself a blog banner too! The best size for a blog banner is no bigger than 1000 x 300.

Good luck!

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  • Penny

    You are the best!
    I will sit down and do this tonight as today I am taking a broom up to the house block and cleaning it up while the boys are ball boys for QCup and my daughter is at work.
    Have a great day
    Pen x

    • Katrina

      You have a very busy day!

  • B is building a house

    You are a champion!!!

    • Katrina

      You’re welcome!

  • boomerang jane

    Thank you for sharing for us IT idiots. Love it. Didn’t realize it would be that easy. I will try it this afternoon.

  • brismod

    Thanks a million for this. xx

  • Tahlia

    Hi katrina, I was in Richmond today and yours and Amies house is for rent from The Block! Still furnished! You should move in, ha!

  • LisaW

    Great tutorial Katrina! Your video makes it look so simple! Thanks for sharing.

  • Nerida

    Going to watch this tomorrow when I’ve had more sleep (had a work function last night!) and the kids are at school.

  • Gail McCormack

    Ohh so much faster than the loooong way I do it, thanks Katrina!

  • Mrs B

    katrina, you have no idea how much that helped me! I actually lost interest in blogging for months purely because I couldnt change any part of my blog and became very frustrated. I followed your suggestions and created a new header…very bright but exactly what I wanted.Its already up and running now.
    Thankyou xxx ooo xxx
    Mrs B xxx

  • Jeanie

    This is a great way to do the cover photo. Thanks for the quick and easy to follow steps. Watching the video was nicer then trying to interpret screen dumps too. Thanks. =)

  • Karen@RestyledVintage

    thanks so much for that Katrina, I had previously used Picasa but picmonkey is so much easier!

    xx Karen

  • Ness Lockyer

    Thank you for this…you know I am not tech savvy at all. This would work the same for etsy’s banners wouldn’t it?
    Thanks lovely.
    Ness xx

    • Katrina

      Yes! Make it 760×100

  • Megan

    Hooray! Thanks Katrina! I will be on to this first thing in the morning :) x

  • Jane

    Thanks, Katrina – you’re a legend. Like Ness, I’m wondering if this would work for an Etsy banner. J x

    • Katrina

      Yes! Make it 760×100 :)

  • Melissa Davey

    I was devastated when Picnik closed down, but was so grateful that a friend showed me PicMonkey. I love that you can use it for cover photos too. Makes life so much easier for anyone wanting simple photo editing and collage making.I used it to make a cover photo for my Mum’s cake decorating page too.

  • Deb

    Thank you Katrina, you are a legend. I was about to make something for Mr M and I could not for the life of me work out how to get the text on the collage. I am enjoying playing around with picmonkey. I love your tutorials you make it all seem easy. Mmmwahh

  • Sharon @ Funken Wagnel

    Oh, how handy! I’m going to have a crack:) Thank you

  • Lia Halsall

    What an awesome post, thanks for sharing Katrina. This was so easy and now I have a fabulous new facebook cover image all thanks to you.

    Have a great weekend! xxx

  • Michelle Hayward

    Thanks so much for this! I always appreciate your openness and willingness to help other bloggers and those using social media – for those still learning it’s the chance to ‘stand on the shoulders of giants!’ I’ve made three of these now and shared the idea with two my older kids…and I have to say my 13 year old picked up on stuff I missed the first couple of times I watched it. He got it! I was a bit slower…but I’ve got it now ;) Thanks Katrina! You rock! Have an awesome time away! xxx

  • Melissa – Malli Interiors

    Thank you so much, this was brilliant, I didn’t even know PicMonkey existed. It is amazing the professional look a small getting started business can have with a little help.

    Warmest regards,
    Melissa x

  • Noshbites

    Katrina, thanks for posting your banner tutorial. I’m very grateful that you made it quick and easy to follow and I’ve already used it to replace my old banner. My tech-savvy hubby was very impressed!

  • Cattle and Cushions

    I changed my fb cover photo yesterday since using your tutorial – it rocks!

    I have had a terrible time with my blog header, off to fix it too. You are a legend!