Happy Easter to all!
Chocolate companies have a lot to answer for. Why do I buy chocolate? Somehow I am sucked in and find myself lining up for the torture of the aftermath every year! Why oh why does the stuff need to consumed so furiously in half a day?
I currently have 3 kids up for sale on ebay. Actually I may go back and change the listing to FREE. Over. it.
We woke the whole street up at 6am and ate chocolate for breakfast. We know what excessive chocolate does to kids! Screaming, running, jumping and a whole lot of freaking crying.
I am all like, “hey dudes, you are NOT monsters, calm it down!” These kids are not mine surely.
And with the purchase of chocolate eggs, I should have bought an extra packet of toilet paper as I can guarantee there will be some serious musical toilet games later tonight. Not to mention the bowls they will need next to their beds as someone is bound to vomit. And was it worth it, I will ask?
I don’t feel sorry for them. I told them. I tried to warn them.
But hey, we all remember it as kids and you live and learn.
Hope you are all having a great day. I am off to peel my kids off the walls. Maybe we need to visit the park and I will attempt to leave them there.
Catch ya. Katrina x