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House Rules: The Rundown Queenslander

How great was it watching the House Rules gang transform the run down Queenslander? For me it was right up my alley as I am a huge fan of the weatherboard house with the deck and floorboards! Each couple ended up with

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Carly & Leighton were runners-up on Reno Rumble

Even though Carly and Leighton weren't the winners last night on Reno Rumble, I still LOVED their style! It was tops! Here are all the pictures... What do you think? Did you have a

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Jess & Ayden WIN Reno Rumble

Jess and Ayden WIN Reno Rumble and here are the photos from their final house... What did you think of their win? What did you think of the final house reveal? Come back to see Carly &

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Reno Rumble: Grand final week with the bedrooms

We're almost at the end of Reno Rumble with only a few rooms left to be revealed! Last night we saw Carly & Leighton and Jess & Ayden battle it out in the bedrooms. Carly & Leighton pulled out in front

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House Rules: The coastal-desert renovation

All of the houses have now been done on House Rules... Last night we saw Karina & Brian's brand new "coastal-desert" family home. What did you think?? I liked some and wasn't a fan of other parts. I like now that

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Carly & Leighton and Jess & Ayden win this week on Reno Rumble

Team Carly & Leighton and Jess & Ayden win this week on Reno Rumble which takes them through to the finale! What did you think of their rooms? Below are the photos from their combined Living/Dining/Outdoor

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Living/Dining/Bathroom + we say goodbye to Josh & Jenna and Kyal & Kara on Reno Rumble

We say goodbye to Josh & Jenna and Kyal & Kara on Reno Rumble this week.... awwww! And they were smashing it too! What a great job they did and some fantastci homes were tranformed. So proud of them. Let's look

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3 cool Reno Rumble Bedrooms

I love bedroom photos and these 3 below are pretty darn good! Designed and styled up this week on Reno Rumble... Here's Kyal & Kara's very awesome boys bedroom...  Their room has given me some inspiration

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Josh & Jenna’s Hamptons bathroom on Reno Rumble!

I have always loved a splash of the Hamptons - and of course Josh and Jenna nailed it as always on Reno Rumble this week. A word from Jenna - "Marble Herringbone tiles were the feature, custom vanity, Venetian

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Watching House Rules?

I've been sort of watching House Rules. I have always loved the concept of the show, but it does not compare to the quality of rooms on Reno Rumble. However, I am hooked on the characters over on House Rules! I love

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Let’s talk about Big Brother

Let's talk about Big Brother shall we? Or not if you can't think of anything worse... ha! But I am sucker for the show. I always have been. I am one of those middle aged Mum's who loves a good dose of reality tv and I

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The Block 2015 Applications are OPEN

The Block 2015 is now open! Ready for a new challenge? Go for it! Tip: Don't over-think the application. Don't over do it! Just be yourself and don't try too hard! Couples must be aged between 18-65, energetic and

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The Block: Downstairs bedroom room reveal

What did you think about the first room reveal last night on The Block? The twins won - what do you think? The winning room by Alisa & Lysandra. ... Dale & Brad's room. ... Kyal & Kara's room. ... Steve

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big brother 2013

Let’s talk about Big Brother (Australia 2013) shall we?

You know I am a bit of a tv junkie. Recently I got Foxtel put on and I am recording things left, right and center! Lord help me. I was really looking forward to Big Brother this year. It sort of came around quickly and

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