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Want to be a part of a tv pilot?

The Lifestyle Channel and Shaynna Blaze – will be transforming people’s homes in stunning makeovers. You could be on the show and get your room a fresh new look! Filming starts in November and will continue into 2016, and at this stage The Lifestyle Channel is searching for applicants to be on the show and have their space professionally designed and renovated. If there’s something important looming in your life that has you facing a renovation deadline, then we may be able to work…

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The Block 2015: New cast coming soon!

Have you seen the new promo for The Block coming soon? Nicknamed the Blocktogon the new cast has been challenged to convert the octagonal shaped Hotel Saville in South Yarra into plush apartments. Julz (the producer) said there will be a change of direction in casting with a back-to-basics approach focusing on “clueless”, passionate, do-it-yourself couples. Hooray! A bit like my season (2011 season 4). Among the mixed bunch, there’s a beauty therapist, a real estate agent and even a cheerleader. Watch…

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Steve and Tiana WIN House Rules

I’m happy Steve and Tiana won House Rules last night. How great were their reactions? I had originally picked Ben and Danielle as the winners waaayyyy back at the start, but I think the reactions on Steve and Tiana’s faces were priceless. It’s nice to see deserving people win… What about their secret room reveals? Here are the photos from Steve and Tiana’s makeover of Ben and Danielle’s garage. They were told to give it a Ralph Lauren feel. Initially…

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House Rules: Charity House Reveal + grand final is here

We’re at the pointy end of House Rules now with the grand final week upon us. Last night we saw the Charity House Reveal. The teams were under the pump. Whilst they still have a long way to go design wise, I still LOVE watching them evolve. I am not sad Bronik and Corrine went home. If I had to see one more week of Bronik’s “risky design alaments” (as he pronounces it) with the 1990’s slate and angles I…

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House Rules: The exteriors

Now all of the exterior areas on House Rules are done, we can see all the photos together. What did you think? Here are they are… Bronik & Corrine’s house Ben and Danielle completed the front of Bronik and Corrine’s with a simple and sweet style. It was pretty obvious Ryan and Marlee would be going home after the exteriors reveal of Bronik and Corrine’s backyard last night. I just wasn’t a fan. It was all kinds of wrong… See…

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House Rules: The Rundown Queenslander

How great was it watching the House Rules gang transform the run down Queenslander? For me it was right up my alley as I am a huge fan of the weatherboard house with the deck and floorboards! Each couple ended up with about 3 zones. Last night we saw Cassie and Matt go home as the judges eliminated them – they scored 16/20 for their combined kitchen, bedroom and front yard. Here are all the photos… I wasn’t a huge…

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Reno Rumble: Grand final week with the bedrooms

We’re almost at the end of Reno Rumble with only a few rooms left to be revealed! Last night we saw Carly & Leighton and Jess & Ayden battle it out in the bedrooms. Carly & Leighton pulled out in front securing a one-point advantage over Jess & Ayden. Here’s what we saw from Carly & Leighton… :: … And here’s what Jess & Ayden produced… I think they are all magazine worthy, and beautiful and they have such a…

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House Rules: The coastal-desert renovation

All of the houses have now been done on House Rules… Last night we saw Karina & Brian’s brand new “coastal-desert” family home. What did you think?? I liked some and wasn’t a fan of other parts. I like now that each couple get to go back and fix parts they didn’t like in their own homes. Although I thought the “let’s see the leader board BUT no one is going home” a bit silly. So all the point gathering…

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