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10 things I really want to do (one day)

10 things I really want to do (one day)

It always happens, I go away for a few days, I clear my head and my routine has been shaken up, then I come home filled to the brim with ideas and possibilities. I talk to some great people, hear about their lives and then I think about all the things I could do… HereContinue reading →

Top 10 things last week

1. The last week of the school holidays have flown. Thank goodness! The weather was awful so it’s hard to entertain a pile of kids when it’s raining day after day. 2. I have a new mini-project in the pipeline (locally) so I’ll share more on that in the coming weeks. If you are alreadyContinue reading →

It’s a random day

Actually, this whole week has been really random and lots of fun. Remember I used to do Top 10 Things? Well I am going to do that now! 1.We have a chook with it’s bum hanging out. This is not good and I’ve had to learn a lot about chooks. 2. If I put straightContinue reading →

My top 10 things last week

Thought I might do this ‘segment‘ again! My top 10 things last week: 1. I am selling a magnificent house that will hit the market next weekend. I have not stopped dreaming about it (like really dreaming about it when I sleep). Way out of my budget though! I will give you the link toContinue reading →

My week

The bullet form today…. * School holidays are a rollercoaster of emotions. I was so calm the week before and my mood has drastically changed this week. Ahhhh, now I know why I like to work. * A new dog entered our house. She is very cute. But I woke to 2 kids crying onContinue reading →

My Top 5 Things Last Week

Oh boy I am behind on these posts aren’t I? I can only come up with 5 today. 1. I went to an online marketing seminar last week. I didn’t learn anything overly new, but it cemented in my mind that I am on the right track with my own marketing goals. 2. An employeeContinue reading →

My Top 10 things {recently}

I have been a busy bee. 1. Went to Melbourne yesterday for a quick check-up {all is good}. 2. I have a throat infection I think, so if I am not better by Thursday I cannot have my next round of drug injections 3. I have Photoshop ready and loaded on my laptop! I willContinue reading →

My Top 10 things {for the last week & a half}

1. I am THAT busy. And I love it. I really do. 2. I can email, tweet, make food, do the washing and talk on the phone at the same time. 3. I just love it when a child hands you a boogie. Tex offered a beauty to me the other night. Then just asContinue reading →

My Top 10 Things Last Week

I missed doing this last week…it was Easter and I was too boring to write anything. So back into it now: 1. After being away for 12 days sick this is what my desk ended up looking like yesterday when I returned to work. Was a good day though! Show me the money people.2. HospitalContinue reading →

My top 10 things last week

Hey there! Long time no see… 1. I made some new buttons for my blog – see them? Feel free to click on them and check them out. Have been cleaning up da blog.2. Nothing feels better than actually having some time up your sleeve.3. Shopping is impossible.4. School fete’s make you eat hot dogsContinue reading →

My top 10 things last week

I am late with this! I have been doing this on a Sunday, but oh well, better late than never. 1. Cockatoo’s eating our shopping mall has me wondering WTF? (yesterday’s post)2. My husband lost his new wedding ring AGAIN yesterday morning and his life was only just spared when he found it again inContinue reading →

My Top 10 things last week

1. Slipping in the garage and doing the splits is funny to some, but not to me especially because I was the victim.2. Visiting family reaffirms things I have been thinking about because they always give me some good insight.3. My husband is banned from the beer – no more needs to be said here.4.Continue reading →