My week

The bullet form today…. * School holidays are a rollercoaster of emotions. I was so calm the week before and my mood has drastically changed this week. Ahhhh, now I know why I like to work. * A new dog entered our house. She is very cute. But I woke to 2 kids crying on […]

My Top 5 Things Last Week

Oh boy I am behind on these posts aren’t I? I can only come up with 5 today. 1. I went to an online marketing seminar last week. I didn’t learn anything overly new, but it cemented in my mind that I am on the right track with my own marketing goals. 2. An employee […]

My Top 10 things {recently}

I have been a busy bee. 1. Went to Melbourne yesterday for a quick check-up {all is good}. 2. I have a throat infection I think, so if I am not better by Thursday I cannot have my next round of drug injections 3. I have Photoshop ready and loaded on my laptop! I will […]

My top 10 things last week

1. I had a last minute day off work. This meant home alone for the first time in years.2. Snakes do not belong inside my work.3. 3 little boys with fresh haircuts make me smile.4. Ugly people should not wear t-shirts saying “I look better naked.” My stomach turned, but it made me laugh too.5. […]