The Block Glasshouse: Apartment No. 6 Reveal II

Apt 6 R2 MK Courtyard EA 31 copy

The 2nd half of Apartment No. 6 was revealed tonight on The Block (here’s part 1). Wow, I am impressed tonight. The kitchen and the terrace wins for me. I can imagine opening those kitchen doors up and entertaining on the terrace. Perfect! Simon & Shannon – Roof top … Dee & Darren – Kitchen […]

The Block Glasshouse: Apartment No. 6

Apt 6 R1 CM Bedroom EA _4 copy

Some of Apartment Number 6 was revealed tonight on The Block Glasshouse… I love how they have to all work together and the styling has come up well. For me, the fav’s this week are Dee & Darren’s ensuite and Michael & Carlene’s bedroom. Love them! Bedroom – Chris & Jenna … Bedroom – Michael […]

The Block Glasshouse: Terrace week!


It was the final reveal of The Block Glasshouse with Terrace Week… Darren and Dee won the final week of The Block with their terrace. They received 3 perfect scores for their small, but elegantly styled outdoor terrace with a mezzanine level which took in their city views. This was clever. Michael and Carlene finished […]

The Block Glasshouse: Ensuite week

The Block in Melbourne

Lots of ‘The Block’ chatter on my blog this week, as the show races to the finish line. Earlier today I popped Dee and Darren’s finished house up on the blog and you were all dying to see it! Heaps and heaps of views. Looks so much better finished don’t you think? This week was […]

Stunning Sunday: Darren & Dee’s house is on the market


Hi there! Today it’s time for another Stunning Sunday post and this one is Dee and Darren’s apartment from The Block Glasshouse. It’s now officially on the market. Come and take a peek inside + see the full floorplan… Stunning warehouse conversion. This extraordinary and luxurious home combines the finest in finishes and cutting edge […]

The Block Glasshouse: Living & Dining week

H1 Rm7 C_M Living Dining EA 2 copy

House 1 – Michael & Carlene Shop Michael & Carlene’s look… House 2 – Chris & Jenna Shop Chris & Jenna’s look… House 3 – Max & Karstan Shop Maxine & Karstan’s look… House 4 – Simon & Shannon Shop Simon & Shannon’s look… House 5 – Darren & Dee Shop Deanne & Darren’s look… […]

The Block Glasshouse: Kitchen week!

H5 Rm6 D_D Kitchen EA 3 copy

House 1 – Michael & Carlene House 2 – Chris & Jenna House 3 – Max & Karstan House 4 – Simon & Shannon House 5 – Darren & Dee What did you think about the TIE BREAKER – Michael and Carlene and Shannon and Simon both came equal first for kitchen week… So whose […]

The Block Glasshouse – Master Bedroom & WIR

H2 Rm4 C_J Masterbed Walkin EA 3 copy

Hi there! Well it’s week 4 on The Block and this week it was the Master bedroom + WIR. Here’s the photos of the rooms and a few links under each to where you can buy the products to recreate the look in your own home… House 1 – Michael & Carlene Get Micheal and […]

The Block Glasshouse – Bedroom & Study reveal

H4 Rm3 S_S Bed Study EA 6

Room 3 has been revealed on The Block Glasshouse – another bedroom + a study… I am really loving the style in this series! Here are all the pictures from the rooms… House 5 – Darren & Dee House 2 – Chris & Jenna House 1 – Michael & Carlene   House 4 – Simon […]

The Block Glasshouse 2014 – Bathroom reveal

The Block in Melbourne

Hi there! So we’re in to the thick of things in the next season of The Block Glasshouse… what do you think so far? How about these bathrooms? Amazing style and lots of $$ spent! Which bathroom is your favourite? I have all the pictures below… House 1 – Michael & Carlene House 2 – […]

The Block Glasshouse 2014 – Guest bedrooms

H4 Rm1 S_S Bedroom EA 44 copy

Hi! Welcome to the first room reveal on The Block Glasshouse – the guest bedrooms! This year we have 5 couples… it’s waaay too early to tell who will bring it all together, but I can tell already there is some serious style in the house! Here are the rooms… House 5 – Darren & […]

The Block 2015 Applications are OPEN

The Block 2015 is now open! Ready for a new challenge? Go for it! Tip: Don’t over-think the application. Don’t over do it! Just be yourself and don’t try too hard! Couples must be aged between 18-65, energetic and with a sense of humour. First round couples will be reduced to final participants in the […]

The Block: Fans vs Favs KITCHENS

Last night on The Block, we saw the BIG kitchen reveals. What did you think? I’m not sure I am totally in love with A&L’s kitchen, but I do love the mezzanine level. Spot on. I did like the boys though! How cool was their bench top? And butler’s pantry! Aren’t the budgets for The […]

The Block: Bathroom reveals

Hello! What did you think of The Block last night? Did you have a favourite bathroom? Did the KK’s deserve a perfect 10? It was a great bathroom. Loved the tiles, loved the bath! … What about Dale and Brad? What’d did you think of the toilet in that position? … Where the girls hard […]

The Block: Room 3 Bedrooms

What did you think of the rooms last night? Are you happy that Kyal and Kara won? I really did like Steve & Chantelle’s room! Here are all the rooms below… Steve & Chantelle The headboard was clever and the Aztec theme is the winner! … Kyal & Kara Great colours and again a great […]

The Block: Bathrooms & Terrace

What did you think about The Block last night? The boys did deserve to win – we’re really digging their space! It wasn’t over done on the styling… we thought some of the other rooms were a bit too much. The bathroom was big though? Do you think that will hurt their space further down […]

The Block: Downstairs bedroom room reveal

What did you think about the first room reveal last night on The Block? The twins won – what do you think? The winning room by Alisa & Lysandra. … Dale & Brad’s room. … Kyal & Kara’s room. … Steve & Chantelle’s room. … I really liked Kyal & Kara’s room actually! I loved […]