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Kyal and Kara are doing great things!

Hi there! Today I wanted to share photos from the house Kyal and Kara renovated and then sold in 2015 at auction. You may have seen these pics before, but I just love the kitchen, so thought I would share it again! Thanks to Kara for sending me the photos and a blurb about their journey… In February, 2008 we bought our first home. Our goal was always to have a beautiful home by the sea. Having scoped the market for about a year, we found the one! This was not our dream home by any stretch of the imagination and neither was it by the sea but we knew it was a stepping-stone in the right direction. A little…

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You could WIN Caro & Kingi’s apartment in 2016 thanks to Mater Foundation

I bet you didn’t know that Caro & Kingi’s apartment from The Block wasn’t purchased by a regular home owner or investor? In fact, the Mater Foundation (a not-for-profit organisation focused on improving patient care and medical research) has bought Apartment 1 at the recent Blocktagon Auction. Their Mater Prize Home lottery supporters will have the chance to win this apartment in an upcoming lottery in 2016. Mater Prize Home lottery raises funds for Mater’s littlest patients—affectionately known as Mater Little Miracles. Oh how lucky would this winner be and what a great cause you’d be supporting at the same time. The apartment purchased was completed by popular block contestants, Caro and Kingi from Townsville, Queensland. The apartment is a 3 bedroom luxury…

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The Block NZ: Bathroom reveals

Hi! So, the other day I decided to show you a couple of rooms from The Block New Zealand and introduce you to the couples. Check out that post if you like. I may/may not have copyright issues with these photos yet because NZ have different laws, so this post might be gone tomorrow – just seeking out some permission 🙂 Today I thought I’d show you the reveals from the bathrooms. From what I can tell, the houses aren’t very big. They’ve got 3 bedrooms (a master, a guest room and a kids room). Here is what Cat and Jeremy designed up. Check out that moss wall – wowsers! … Here is Brooke and Mitch… … This is what…

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Introducing The Block NZ couples + living room reveal

Hi there! Someone said to me the other day I really should look at The Block NZ and see what they are up to over there. They are in full swing of their show titled Villa Wars and 4 couples are competing. I decided to check it all out and bring you some of their room reveals. I can see, just from the website, that the couples are working with reasonable and achievable budgets. First, let me give you a quick run down on the couples, and then I chose their living rooms to show you… This is Brooke and Mitch. They are both 25 years old. Brooke is a Personal Banker and Mitch is a plumber. They live together, but at…

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The Block Octagon: Combined Apartment [final reveals]

Well here we are, at the end of The Block Octagon with the final rooms in the combined apartment being revealed last night. Dean and Shay took out the win with their living room. They scored 30/30, the keys to a Suzuki (which will sit in their garage for the penthouse’s new owner) and the right to the choose their auction order (which will be done in tonight's show I think. I have all the photos below ... SHOP for these goodies here! Whitney and Andy were 2nd this week with a score of 29.5/30 for their dining room... You can SHOP this room here. Suzi and Vonni produced a luxurious bedroom and scored 29/30. Judges loved the cushion arrangement! SHOP...Continue reading
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The Block Octagon: Combined Apartment [bedroom + ensuite]

Last night, finally after the cricket, we saw reveal number 1 of the challenge apartment. I always think this is the worst part of the show! Who wants to start making over ANOTHER house when you think you've already finished?? Argh! Anyway, Dean and Shay took out first place with 29/30 for their enuite. The final prize is a share of $30,000 to spend on renovations or to come off the reserve price for the all-important auction. The judges loved Dena and Shay's ensuite and especially loved the gold tapware. With the win they get to take $15,000 off their yet to be revealed reserve price. Snatch a good buy with some of Dean and Shay's items below... Candle Soap Dish Spout Hand Towel Caro and...Continue reading
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The Block Octagon: Terraces + all unfinished rooms

Last night on The Block Octagon we saw the terraces - the last offficial room reveal and now all the apartments are complete. I also have the photos below from any unfinished room so now you can see it all come together! Last night, Dean and Shay took out the win with a score of 28.5/30 and $10,000 cash to take home on auction night. Wow! The judges were blown away and loved every bit of it. Darren said "These guys could do a master class in how to style The Block – they could show everybody else how it's done." Shaynna said she thought the apartment was luxurious, friendly and inviting and had potential to get buyers "emotionally drawn to...Continue reading
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The Block Octagon: Dining and foyer room reveals

Whitney and Andy took out the win on The Block Octagon last night with the reveal of their dining and foyer area. They scored 26/30. It was difficult to judge the rooms last night as only 2 teams really finished, so I personally don't think the scores really showed the real winners this week. Whitney and Andy's room did nothing for me. Sorry guys! I really didn't like any of it. I know their budget was low this week and you can really tell with the under-styling. Shop Whitney and Andy's look here... Artwork Bowl Dining Pendant Caro and Kingi were 2nd place with 25.5/30. They did manage to finish their rooms and as usual they stuck to their industrial-render-wallpaper feel....Continue reading
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The Block Octagon: It’s kitchen week!

Last night on The Block it was Kitchen week! The reveals saw Caro and Kingi take out another first place win with a score of 29/30. The high-tech kitchen featured a touch-screen splash back and an island bench rendered by Kingi. The kitchen used the space well and it was huge. It did nothing for me though - I like character! This may have felt high-tech, but I think it was cold. "I love it when the kitchen feels like the hero of the apartment," Neale said. Shaynna called it hot, sexy and sophisticated. Dean and Shay narrowly missed out on first place. They received a score of 28.5/30. Bummed they didn't win! They should have. "That is wow factor; I...Continue reading
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The Block Octagon: Living room week

Last night on The Block Octagon we saw the reveal of the living room. I was very underwhelmed. What did you think?? See all the photos below... Luke and Ebony finally got a win! They received a score of 23.5/30. They were praised for delivering a room that could be "lived in". After all, it is supposed to be the main living area which will come off the kitchen. "I think Luke and Ebony have created for the first time today, a room you can live in," Neale said. I liked the blue and natural tones. The artwork idea was good too. I am a big fan of the built tv and wall unit. I do think they could have got a more...Continue reading