Officeworks: Master your workspace

Brought to you by Officeworks. Who doesn’t love a good clean up, cull, or a spruce up? I love being productive in my home office and whilst it’s pretty new, it still ends up full of junk! I also have a corner in it which always looks horrible. Officeworks asked me if I’d like to […]

My time management is suffering. How’s yours?

[source] How’s your time management lately? Mine isn’t great. Actually it stinks. It needs a serious overhaul. I don’t know what it is… maybe it’s because the kids are back at school and the routine has been thrown around again… but I can’t get myself together hahaha!! Ok, it’s not that serious, but you know… […]


I have a wart on my face

Really, I do. Well I don’t know what it is, but I reckon it’s a wart. What does this mean?? Am I going to turn in to a witch (yes, ha-ha, my husband says I already am one)? Anyway, WHO GETS A WART ON THEIR FACE? Actually, everyone in my family seems to have a […]


My new house inspiration

I bought this folder from Kikki K earlier this year and have just become motivated enough to start filling it. My 10 year old and I sat together yesterday afternoon ripping out pictures from magazines (I am a magazine junkie!) and putting them all in their sleeves. It’s getting really exciting around here. Met with my […]


Do you menu plan?

 How cute is this little notepad box? My Mum bought it for me. I don’t want to use it, it’s too cute!   Do you menu plan? If so, how far in advance? I am shocking at organising what we are having for dinner in advance. I always wing it. I usually decide some time […]

Thanks for the laugh

Thanks so much to my lovely blog friends for playing along with my opinions. I had such a smile on my face and so glad some of you (Natasha) had a really good laugh at me. Was a lot of fun. Yes agreed our homes are a reflection of our personalities but sheesh there is […]

A bit of rearranging & those clipboards

We now have another desk (aka as old bar). This is for the boys and their colouring and homework. The desk opposite is where the computer’s go.… Going for a softer look on this shelf. Previously there was lots of black and solid green. I just don’t do a lot of green very well and […]

Organisation Envy

I love to drool over pictures that scream “ORGANISED”. I feel kind outta control with heaps of things at the moment, so I think a good dose of getting-organised-at-home will sort me out. I think I have a crush on the media room cabinetry! Pictures above Picture Picture Thanks for following my blog and reading it via […]

Home Sorted

I bought this little book the other day. The cover was so cute! I have only flicked through it, but so far it looks so handy. This is a blurb from the website: Home Sorted! – The Book Home Sorted! covers each room of your home individually including your office and provides simple organising methods […]

When Obsession Takes Over

My obsession for these Smiggle boxes has gone on far too long…… These will be entering my new office very soon. Thanks for following my blog and reading it via RSS! But you know, I am so much more awesome in real life over here: Katrina from The Block. website | twitter | facebook | email