I am so sad for New York

I was in bed last night reminiscing about our recent holiday to New York with my husband. My heart was a little achey. I felt so sad for the New Yorkers after Hurricane Sandy hit. I watched it all unfold on the tv, twitter and live YouTube updates. I text my husband furiously all day Monday and […]


I’m home and it’s back to normal programming

Hi there! We are home safe and sound. We drove straight to the kids school and grabbed them out of class (even in my stinky clothes when I hadn’t showered for 30 hours – noice!). They were so happy to see us! And I haven’t stopped smooching them. I’ll be asleep by 7pm I bet. […]


Today is my last day…

(sshhh I’m reading in the NY Public Library) (In Grand Central Station) … Well it’s come to an end. I’ve squeezed the life out of New York! I’ve loved every moment of it. I’m ready to go home though. I love Australia and I love Wagga AND I can’t wait to see my boys. I […]


We spent the day wandering

We spent the day wandering the streets of Manhattan. Hubby and I walked for hours and hours taking it all in. It’s our last full day and we wanted to make the most of it. I’m sad it’s all coming to an end… You want your shoes shined? Sit right up there! A street vendor […]


Central Park Conspiracy Theory

Today I walked about 1.5km to The Highline. Amazing! It stretches 1.7km and was old railway lines above the city for freight trains. It’s since been handed to the people of New York and a body corporate looks after it. Anyway, google it if you’re wanting to learn more. It was so cool. Got to […]


Shopping and eating in NY

There is a never ending amount of shops and food places here in New York. I have eaten more than I care to remember. It’s Summer here and there’s nothing like putting on a skirt from your own wardrobe to realise it’s not fitting very well haha. Oops. I’ve been walking kilometres and kilometres every […]


No more soup for you

The BlogHer conference is over. I loved every second of it. I really hope I can come back next year. It’s in Chicago for 2013. I’ve learned lots and you will see some additions and changes on how I blog in the coming months (I have so man ideas!). I’ll do a wrap up post […]


The people you see in New York

You all know I’m in New York for a blog conference thanks to Kidspot don’t you? Ha! I forgot for a while what I was actually here for. This city has consumed me in so many ways. It’s better than I imagined. I am enjoying it so much. But today I had some serious stuff […]


More touring and BlogHer ’12 has begun

We got our walking shoes on (ie. my new Sketchers!), caught a bus a started exploring. It was a beautiful day in New York City. Sorry to my Wagga friends but it was 32 degrees today! Chambers Street off Broadway! Ha! A restaurant named Chevy’s! My baby is named Chevy. Love it. We caught the […]


We made it to New York!

We’re here! Yay! I’m bursting with excitement. So much to see and do. The flight was great. We watched movies and ate the whole time. I dozed a little bit, but it was hard to sleep. As soon as we landed I couldn’t wait to get my camera out. Look we’re on the wrong side […]


Sometimes you just need an adventure

So I’m off to New York in the morning. We’re heading to Sydney at an ungodly hour! My husband has clocked off work. My Mum is here. 3 spreadsheets, 2 pages of notes and 4 phone numbers… we’ve been over everything. I’ve had a spray tan, had my nails done, packed the bags, cleaned the […]


I have sorted the luggage!

Today is just a rehash of my instagram pictures… If you follow me there you’ll know I have been working out which luggage to take. I am doing some shopping, so I need to make sure I can bring it all home! Kids have their orders in for new shoes and t-shirts. It’s a good time […]


Last minute plans, my new house, a busy week…

I’m all out of news this week… it’s just been a busy boring week really. I’ve been out and about most days getting everything done for New York. I’ve been changing money, organising a driver, getting a hair colour, writing lists for my Mum, seeing the kids teachers…. I’m exhausted already! PLUS, I’ve been finalising some stuff on my […]


Don’t sweat the small stuff?

My Mother-in-law gave me this book for my birthday. I’ve had a quick flick through it and can’t wait to read it properly. I’m saving it for my New York flight (along with the full series of Revenge and Downton Abbey). I’m excited to read this book because I think it’s right up my alley […]