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Rugby League, our kids are the future

If you follow Rugby League you would have heard about the disgraceful behaviour by some fans after a wrong decision was given by the referees during the Bulldogs vs Rabbitohs game on Friday. I was watching... In

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We love cricket

Summer is well and truly here at our place. I know this because we've all gone cricket mad. Actually I think we're loving cricket this year more than we love footy (did I just say that!?). My husband is coaching the

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Home is a feeling…

I found this little saying on Instagram the other night and I shared it over there. Lots of you loved it too. Mostly, I'd rather be at home than anywhere else in the world. I am a Cancerian, so I am very much a

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My big boy had “the talk” at school

I don't know about your house, but in ours we're a bunch of prudes. Yep, we don't talk about "rude parts" too often and there is no swearing or silly talk. I know! That's why I say we're a bunch of prudes! I think I've

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Boys bedroom mini makeover

My biggest boy (he's 12 and a half) got a makeover in his bedroom this week. Here's a video with me pulling it together (hospital corners please)! And here's the final result (for now!). I am always changing and

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Out and about with my boys in the bush

At the top of our street is a hill and some bush with great walking tracks through them. Every few days (when it's not hot because I HATE snakes!), we take a quick wander through. This week we've been a couple of times

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The sunshine brings all the good stuff

Hi there! Just popping in for a quick hello... The sun has been shining around here, and it makes life seem so much more brighter. The dreariness of Winter is so boring. Sometimes I can smell a tiny hint of Spring in

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A new addition to our family

This little fluff ball entered our house this week! Oh boy, he is adorable. We've named him Bear. He's a Spoodle (cocker spaniel/poodle). He's 8 weeks old and only about 10cm high - the photos make him look bigger, but

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My little people in action

This is how I spend every single weekend. Saturday and Sunday. They play Rugby League (preferred sport by me!) and AFL. Plus the eldest has rep thrown in there. I never ever miss a game (unless I am away!). I love it

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Nobody mentioned it…

This parenting gig isn't easy is it? Nobody warned me that you'd be riding their highs and lows like they are your own. Nobody mentioned that you start a new personal journey when they start to grow up. I am living in

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A lovely kid turns 9 in my house today!

Happy 9th Birthday to my gorgeous and sweet middle kid, Tex! Surely he's older than 9, he seems like he's been here forever! ;) Yesterday we had a birthday party at a laser zone place, and today all he's asked for is

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Mum’s Taxi

This week was a bit of a blur... kids activities have had me running from one thing to the next. You know when you can't really remember the days, but you just know they've been busy? I said to my husband last night

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Happy 12th Birthday Cruise!

Happy 12th Birthday to my gorgeous, happy, smoochy, sporty kid - Cruise! I can't believe that today I have a 12 year old kid in my house. :) Today is going to be such a fun day! We have some things planned with our

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The thing with boys…

You all know I have 3 of the little dudes, but I've noticed things are changing around here... They're growing up... derrr of course they are, but with that comes a whole new world for me! I'm losing my coolness.

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