I filmed a webinar yesterday


I was lucky enough to head to News Limited in Sydney yesterday to film a webinar for Kidspot’s Voices of 2014. You might remember that I won this title in 2012 (when it was called Kidspot’s Top Blogger). Anyway, the competition has grown so much and now they are producing fancy per-recorded webinars in the […]

It’s Wednesday again : House update & Australian International Motor Show…


Hey there! Mid-week and here is a really quick house update. It’s not exciting, because it’s just dirt, but it’s super exciting for me! Plus, I will love looking back on the progress… Look at that! Retaining wall is almost done. This should be finished off today, then the plumbing goes in and the slab goes down early next […]

I’ve joined Village Voices on Kidspot


  I’m the newbie blogger on Kidspot’s Village Voices. I’m blogging at least twice a week over there and today is my first gig! Yipppeee! I have been coined their ‘celebrity blogger‘. Not ME being a celebrity (haha because that was D-grade of the 15 minute kind!)… It’s me writing ABOUT real celebrities. Every Friday I’ll […]

Kidspot Ford Territory Top 50: Childhood


Week 3 Challenge: I had a lovely childhood. I haven’t got too much to complain about. We were an average family. I don’t remember going without too much. Although Mum and Dad tell me they had to scrape everything every week to make sure we had what we needed. They did a good job. Mum […]

Kidspot Ford Territory Top 50: Day in My Life


This is a weekend in the life of The Chambo’s and a new Ford Territory. We’re real Aussies in the real world. We’re just like most other families running kids around on the weekend. The brief was to show everyone what you do in a day (I went with 24hrs). This is it! I think we’re a […]