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Would you like to win a $3,000 furniture package?

Brought to you by LaForma. Have you got a room in your house which could do with an instant makeover? Maybe your lounge room needs a new armchair, a rug or some lighting? What about your outdoor area? A new contemporary table and chairs? I have the best news then! You can win a $3,000 furniture package thanks to LaForma. Choose whatever you like from one of their suppliers and you can have a freshly styled room in no time! I’ve been drooling over their new catalogues and checking out the “LaForma Barcelona Living” range of furniture, outdoor and homewares now…

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New Trend In Dining: Round Tables?

I am seeing a lot of round tables in dining rooms lately and I love it. Do you think this is the new trend? I think so. Last week I wrote about dining chairs. I want a new dining table at home and after seeing the round styles, I am wondering if I'd be able to fit one in to my own home. A feature pendant light would work perfectly over a round dining table. Do you have a round table already? I went looking for some ideas and there were so many. Not only can you just buy a...Continue reading
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Decorating with white

Feel like a bit of Winter White Decorating? It may be freezing out there, but that doesn’t mean your decorating has to be dark and moody to suit the cold weather. What about these photos below to inspire you by using whites to warm up your space? White rooms are becoming very popular and aren’t just reserved for the minimalist decorator. By using different tones and textures you can still have a white room which isn’t clinical. Check these out… [source] [source] [source] [source] [source] [source] [source] [source] I don’t know which is my favourite room. I love them all! Those…

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Layback Mirror
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Bedhead LOVE with Leÿer Timber Designs

Today I wanted to share with you this gorgeous half moon bedhead I found in my travels around the internet. It stopped me in my tracks! The brand is called Leÿer and it was created by an Aussie husband and wife duo. Read more below… Taking inspiration from the beautiful town of Torquay along the Surf Coast of Victoria where they live, Damo Leijer who has worked as a carpenter for 13 years and his Irish wife Rebecca as a creative Marketer, have joined forces to drive their creative talents in Leÿer – Beautiful furniture with inspiring design. For the launch…

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Create a simple desk space at home

Have you been thinking about adding a simple desk space to a corner in your home, or bedroom? Today I have some ideas on how you can create your own stylish work space without needing built in cabinetry and lots of expense. Here are some pictures to inspire you... [source] [source] [source] [pin] [pin] [source] [pin] [source] [pin] TIPS: Start with a basic desk. They don't have to cost you a fortune (ideas below for you). Grab a few note pads and stack them. Add some greenery - a plant, fake stuff or some simple cuttings. Add your computer (download...Continue reading
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Using dark grout

I was watching one of those American reno shows last night and the girl was using dark grout with her white honeycomb shaped tiles and they came up amazing. I tossed up about the dark grout in my own kitchen when I was building but never went through with it. I should have because it really makes a statement. Today I grabbed a few photos from around the web to inspire you… [source] If you’re not game enough to do an entire kitchen splashback then a feature wall in the shower would be great. Or even in the laundry. I…

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Indoor plants look better in a basket

I really love the trend of putting indoor plants in a basket. They just look better don’t you think? First you need to find an indoor plant that you won’t kill haha. I have ideas for you here and here. OR if you’re really going to kill them (like I do often!) then here is a post on the best artificial ones. There’s a few options – the seagrass basket (or belly basket) a painted basket (or half dipped) or a wire basket around a garden pot Any option looks great! I have a photo dump of cool ideas below which I…

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Decorating with a ladder

The ladder has been popping up in the world of decorating lately. Kmart brought out a bamboo style ladder and I’ve seen it featured in my Instagram many times. People have even painted it white or black to suit their style. Today I have a few ladder styling ideas for you. A ladder can be used in almost any room! I love that it brings height to a space and if you’re renting, this is a perfect addition to a room. Use it instead of hanging a piece of artwork (no holes in the wall!) because it’ll fill any spot…

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The best bookcases on Pinterest

Bookcases can be hard to style. In fact, you have to have a lot of ‘stuff’ to make it work! And if you do have a lot of stuff, then I am positive you’ll be able to create a beautiful looking bookcase all by yourself! I loved picking theses bookcase images from Pinterest to share with you. Scroll through and take a peek. I have some simple styling tips below too… [source] [source] [source] [source] [source] [source] [source] [source] [source] You can see that most of them have a theme ie. neutrals, black and white, a pop of colour, a touch…

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Bi-fold Kitchen Windows

If you’re building a new house or starting a renovation why not think about incorporating a bi-fold window in to your kitchen? It makes such a statement and really integrates that outdoor/indoor living. Maybe you don’t have space for big sliding doors, but can use a window space? This would be perfect then! I’ve found some photos from around the web to get you inspired… [source] [source] [source] [source] [source] [source] [source] [source] [source] I will take all of these please! 😉 Aren’t they great? I could see my boys standing outside and me serving them like I’m in a…

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