Why do I need self-hosted WordPress?

Group of Business People Working on an Office Desk

If you’re a blogger and thinking about expanding your online presence or you want to start making money out of your blogging, then the decisions around WordPress and Blogspot are important. Today I thought I’d give you my tips on why I think WordPress.org wins hands down. Quick Definitions WordPress.org is a self-hosted platform. This […]

15% off at The Media Maid


Would you like your blog to start the New Year with a fresh and up-to-date look? Get ready for 2015 then! For the next 2 weeks I am offering 15% off some of my services at The Media Maid. That’s 15% off my Blog Academy classes and 15% off WordPress.org makeovers. Click to read more […]

Free online photo editing tools


Is your blog photo ready? I think it’s important to put effort in to how your photos look on your blog. For me, I always think about how I will use my photos across all of my social media channels when I write a blog post. Sometimes I use my phone to take photos (which […]

Facebook, you’re so strange


I am still trying to work Facebook out. It drives me crazy some days. I use it a lot and it is useful for promoting my blog, but sometimes I can’t work out why some Facebook updates get a lot of attention and other days it does nothing for me. Over the weekend I shared […]

How to write on your blog every day


  Somebody asked me the other day “How often do you blog?” I said “Every day.” Insert their surprised look. “Wow, you blog every day! How can you possibly do that? Don’t you run out of ideas?” … Did I tell you my blog turns 8 years old this month? That means I’ve done a […]

Why I like to read a sponsored post


I’ve been thinking about this post for a while… but I wasn’t sure how it would come out, but here goes… I like to read a sponsored post. I really do. There is a good reason why I like to read a sponsored post written by another blogger. I know that from a blogger’s perspective […]

New blog/website designs by The Media Maid


Hi! I haven’t been my usual blogging self lately because to tell you the truth, I have been having more fun designing and creating blogs for other people! Here’s a few of the latest creations. I am also finding so many new blogs to drool over. People are so clever… [click on images below to […]