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I started a new Facebook group!

Howdy! Soooo because I don't already have enough social media in my life I decided to start a new Facebook group where anyone can post in

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30 Blog Topic Ideas

Follow my blog with Bloglovin   Hi there! If you’re like me and sometimes you get stuck for ideas on what to blog about, then today I

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We talk about data and internet so often [and never have enough!]

Brought to you today by Optus Family Sharing [part 1]. "What's wrong with your phone? Where's all the data gone? MUM!

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DIY easy Blog Media Kit templates

Brought to you by Office 365 #workwonders. I've been busy making some easy DIY Blog Media Kits for you! A few months ago I went searching

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Guest Post: So you’ve started a blog, what next?

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by today. A few weeks ago I was swamped and decided I needed to take that next step and "employ" someone to help me. I wanted to grow my blog a little bit more but there is only one of me

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Fonts, backgrounds, product shots & so many creative things!

Are you always looking for an image, or a font, or just something of great quality you can use on your blog, or Facebook or newsletter? Well, here's a TREMENDOUS site you might love. It's called

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Win a sidebar ad on my blog

I feel like sharing the love around and hope to give one of my readers a cool opportunity to have a spot in my sidebar for the next 5 weeks or so. All you have to do is leave me a comment below and link to your

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Blogging: Tips which helped me earn $6k+ last month

Brought to you by Office 365 #workwonders. I ummmed and ahhhed about writing this post because firstly I didn't want anyone to think I was

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How to fix incorrect links when posting to Facebook

How frustrating is it when you've written a blog post and you want to share the post on Facebook but the link doesn't work correctly? Maybe the photo is wrong, or it won't show the correct heading, or a snippet of

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View all of your fonts at the one time

I am a font freak. I've talked about it so many times and I've done lots of blog posts on my favourite fonts and how to download

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Why do I need a website?

Over the last few weeks I have been helping some friends/clients get their websites up and running. They've been relatively easy jobs with basic content. This good. Why? Because I think every business needs

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Group of Business People Working on an Office Desk

Why do I need self-hosted WordPress?

If you're a blogger and thinking about expanding your online presence or you want to start making money out of your blogging, then the decisions around Wordpress and Blogspot are important. Today I thought I'd give

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15% off at The Media Maid

Would you like your blog to start the New Year with a fresh and up-to-date look? Get ready for 2015 then! For the next 2 weeks I am offering 15% off some of my services at

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Free online photo editing tools

Is your blog photo ready? I think it's important to put effort in to how your photos look on your blog. For me, I always think about how I will use my photos across all of my social media channels when I write a blog

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Facebook, you’re so strange

I am still trying to work Facebook out. It drives me crazy some days. I use it a lot and it is useful for promoting my blog, but sometimes I can't work out why some Facebook updates get a lot of attention and other days

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