How to write on your blog every day


  Somebody asked me the other day “How often do you blog?” I said “Every day.” Insert their surprised look. “Wow, you blog every day! How can you possibly do that? Don’t you run out of ideas?” … Did I tell you my blog turns 8 years old this month? That means I’ve done a […]

Why I like to read a sponsored post


I’ve been thinking about this post for a while… but I wasn’t sure how it would come out, but here goes… I like to read a sponsored post. I really do. There is a good reason why I like to read a sponsored post written by another blogger. I know that from a blogger’s perspective […]

New blog/website designs by The Media Maid


Hi! I haven’t been my usual blogging self lately because to tell you the truth, I have been having more fun designing and creating blogs for other people! Here’s a few of the latest creations. I am also finding so many new blogs to drool over. People are so clever… [click on images below to […]

5 tips to make your blog look pretty & new!


1. Use a white background Creating as much white space as possible helps to showcase what really matters – your writing/photos! You want your readers to focus on your content. A white background presents your blog as fresh, clean and sophisticated. Busy backgrounds will hurt your blog (not to mention your eyes). Also, a patterned […]

How to get traffic to your blog using Instagram


Photos are very popular on social networks. They tend to drive the most engagement on popular websites, such as Facebook and Twitter. However, Instagram is not like Facebook or Twitter where you can add a link to your comments to ask people to click to visit your website/blog, so you need to be a little […]

New blog/website designs


Here are some new blogs/websites I’ve been working over on the last couple of weeks… Affordable Style Files. … Life Path Financial Planning (I didn’t do the artwork, just the layout/template hosted on WordPress). … The Builder’s Wife (still under maintenance, but almost ready to go, so stay tuned). … Mrs D plus 3. … […]