A day in my life


Are you into decorating themes?

Never before have we been so familiar and surrounded by "decorating themes/styles". The online world is very visual and Instagram is the go-to place for the keen designer or decorator. I follow a lot of awesome people on

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Taking Stock

Yesterday was a hard day. Actually the past week has been hard. My mother-in-law passed away on Friday. Surrounded by her 6 children, her husband and our Priest. I was there. It wasn't easy - it was a struggle and so

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Saying YES!

Thanks to Optus for today's blog post. Last weekend you might have seen on Instagram that I had a night away my bestie (and no children!). I really needed that

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An adventure in a sugar pine forest

On Tuesday my husband decided to take the day off work (I think he was feeling sorry for me with the school holiday hell I was in! Ha!) and we all decided we had to get out and about for the day. Well I decided that I

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School Holiday RULES

We're halfway through the school holidays and these rules have gone up on my chalkboard wall. We got through the first week pretty good, but we've hit a wall. I'm unwell, so is one child and the boredom has set in. It's

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Around here lately

Hi there! It's Saturday and we have NO sport this weekend. At all. Whoooo hoooo. Can you hear me singing it?? It's the middle weekend of the school holidays so everyone has a bye. I am still up early today though... I

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We talk about data and internet so often [and never have enough!]

Brought to you today by Optus Family Sharing [part 1]. "What's wrong with your phone? Where's all the data gone? MUM!

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A snap shot of my house this week

Obviously I am loving a bit of raw timber around my home at the moment. I used to love lots of white furniture but lately I've been sanding it back and switching it for a more natural look. Ask me again in a couple of

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8 ways to stay positive when you’re sick

Sometimes the world gets rough. Sickness takes over and you feel down in the dumps. We've all been sick at some stage and usually it passes with a cold or a bug. But if you do have a long term illness or disease it's a

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Around here lately

Hi friends! How are things with you? I've been cruising along here as usual with nothing overly exciting to report, but that's good I think! We've been doing our normal routine and the days whizz by. The boys keep me

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Around here lately

Hi everyone! How are things in your house? I'm sitting here in the dark at 5am trying to get this blog post out and done! I have a busy and fun day ahead. More filming for my

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Whip up a delicious platter to impress your friends + win some treats for yourself!

Brought to you by Always Fresh. Today I wanted to introduce you to the new ‘Mediterranean Deli’ range by Always Fresh, a collection of authentic antipasto

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