Taking Stock


Hi there! I mentioned the other day how easy it is to write a list on a day where you’re not sure what to blog about and today I thought I’d use one of Pip‘s lists and see what I can come up with… It was harder than I thought. I couldn’t answer everything straight […]

I just want to be…


A song came on yesterday which took my back to being 19 years old. It’s funny how music reminds you of places/times/people/feelings… In that flash back to being 19 years old, for a moment, I wished I was back there. I was at Uni in Canberra living with friends. They were fun days. I had […]

Home is a feeling…


I found this little saying on Instagram the other night and I shared it over there. Lots of you loved it too. Mostly, I’d rather be at home than anywhere else in the world. I am a Cancerian, so I am very much a homebody. My husband and I both still get homesick all the time. Anyone […]

Around here lately


Last week was a busy one. This week I am looking forward to sitting in my pj’s until lunch time and stalking people on the internet At the start of last week I had a sleep over at Amie’s new house. She’s just finished building it and moved in a week ago! She’s done black […]

Around here lately


This is week has been pretty busy but not too tiring. The kids went back to school (hooray!) so I finally got to catch up on some emails… This weekend is one I have been longing for… no huge commitments with only touch footy this arvo, but absolutely nothing tomorrow! I don’t think we’ve had […]

When a change of scenery is needed


Over the long weekend we took off on a little mini-break with 3 other families…We headed to Batemans Bay for some camping/fishing/drinking/beach fun.   I didn’t get lucky and catch any fish this time, but the boys caught 3 flat-head which we cooked up on the bbq. I jumped out of bed early every morning […]

It’s ok to sit with your thoughts…


Last week I had a day or 2 of not feeling the best… we all have them. Probably over-tired, stressed, worried, hormonal… whatever. I am pretty good at pulling myself out of these moments. I am good at positive thinking and I am big believer in thoughts become things. So if I feel bad for […]

Around here lately


Week 1 has almost finished in the school holidays. The weather has been a bit touch and go in Wagga! We’ve been trying to keep busy… The boys have switched to cricket. Out with the footy, in with the bat! So funny. I’ve been taking them and their friends to the cricket nets for a […]

My big boy had “the talk” at school


I don’t know about your house, but in ours we’re a bunch of prudes. Yep, we don’t talk about “rude parts” too often and there is no swearing or silly talk. I know! That’s why I say we’re a bunch of prudes! I think I’ve wanted my house to run this way for all these […]

Things I am looking forward to


It’s day 1 of the school holidays and I am actually looking forward to them. I say that now, of course! Ask me around day 4! But I am actually really tired. Like tired in my bones type of thing. Not from lack of sleep, but rather because I felt like I was always rushing […]