Around here lately..


Hi there! Just checking in today and doing a little round up of what’s been happening around here lately… My home office is now so symmetrical it’s making my head spin! I’m so in love. Haha! I got a new matching computer so now I have 2 the same! Oh dear… I am off to […]

Maintenance Monday at The Chambo’s


My weekend went something like this: My big boy came home from school on Friday and announced he’d been in trouble at school. So unhappy and the house got wild. But that’s been sorted. We traveled to Young on Saturday so he could play Rugby League to qualify for the Grand Final next weekend. He […]

Around here lately


Hi there! How are things at your house? Mine is wild at this time of the year. I haven’t been doing anything truly exciting or magic, but I have been running around like crazy. ♥ This time of the year is always busy for us. We’re in footy season finals! My eldest has made the […]

Around here lately


I’ve had a few quiet weeks at home lately. This does make me happy. I would much rather be at home than anywhere else! This has allowed me to get some projects done and work on the computer… I also started Humira injections for crohn’s disease (this is the 2nd time as I did them […]

Pedestrian crossings are so dangerous


I know this is off my normal blog topic, but I needed to vent this one… Pedestrian crossings are so dangerous. Twice this year (and one of them being last night, hence the blog post) I have seen someone walking across almost get wiped out. A car has narrowly missed them by centimetres. Both times […]