That 2015 word – perseverance


I picked a word for this year “perseverance“. I wrote about it here. I wanted to make 2015 not about trying to re-invent the wheel, but rather work hard at what I already know I can do. I’ve had a rough January. I did not feel my best emotionally and it wasn’t due to any […]

Around here lately


So it’s been a little hectic around here… I can finally breathe a sigh of relief. The pool finally went in… Husband’s grass has survived! It will be ok! And even with some water on it over the last couple of days it’s looking better. The pool was dirty, and then it was clean and […]

Halted plans


Oh rain, rain, rain…. I do love you, but you always have to come at the most inappropriate times. Seriously, you don’t visit when we want, but you have a way of making me tear my hair out when I don’t want it. No, it’s ok Katrina. I keep saying that. My Mum says c’mon […]

Around here lately


Hi there! How are things at your house? Mine has been a little up and down… Last weekend we headed off to the lovely town of Orange for a 4 day rep cricket carnival representing Wagga. We were so excited for my big boy! He was pumped and ready to perform. He’d been training every […]

Happy 2015!


Bring it 2015! Can’t wait to get stuck in to it. I was feeling a little frazzled at the end of last year but I’m back! I just needed a rest… 2014 for me was bloody awesome. I don’t have much to complain about. I had some great gigs, achieved a lot and kept on […]

Around here lately


Hi there! I have had the urge to wander around my house changing things here a there. Nothing major, just a shuffle and a switch. It’s been a nice week at home since all the Christmas flurry ended. I do it every year – you know, you pack up the Christmas tree and next thing […]

Around here lately


Are you all ready for Christmas? I’m almost there. I’ll pop to the shops tomorrow just to get one last thing for my in-laws and I’m done! I always feel such relief when all the shopping is done. I am glad I’m not having Christmas at my house this year because I don’t have to […]

Around here lately


Hi there! Thanks for popping in! Here’s what’s been happening in my world lately… My handsome and clever boy got the Maths award. I had a day trip to Melbourne to hang out at the Ford Factory for the day. Lots of cool things happening in 2015! We’ve been immersed in cricket as usual. He […]

I see words in colours


I’ve always seen words as colours. I thought every one did and I started to google it’s meaning but there is only a Wikipedia definition (Grapheme–color synesthesia) and not much else. I am sure this is not so rare. I wouldn’t say I have a ‘condition’ haha! But I do think it’s weird it seems […]

Around here lately


The last 7 days have been a bit wild around here. The passing of Phil Hughes got me more than I imagined. My boys took it hard too. I had a child away in Canberra while that was happening all over the news and because we couldn’t talk about it I felt uneasy all week. […]



I didn’t know Phil Hughes, but I knew how good he was. I have been so sad and teary and heart-broken to learn of Phil’s passing yesterday. Wasn’t he just gorgeous and so clever? I love cricket. My boys are mad for it and my husband coaches it. So this news has been massive in […]

We love cricket


Summer is well and truly here at our place. I know this because we’ve all gone cricket mad. Actually I think we’re loving cricket this year more than we love footy (did I just say that!?). My husband is coaching the under 13s team this year and he’s loving it! I think he’s reliving his […]

Around here lately…


I’ve been a little unsettled lately. I haven’t had enough to do, I think. I have been wandering too much. So, I have been purging the cupboards a little bit (as I always do!). And taking photos of every corner of my home… haha hence the overwhelming amount of photos on Instagram lately! But I […]

Around here lately


It was a pretty quiet week in the Chambers’ household last week. And it was nice! My boys have gone cricket mad. My husband is coaching the under 13’s team for Cruise. Tex sometimes has to play up in this team on a Friday night as we’re short for numbers and the little darling hit […]

New ideas, a new notebook

I went to bed last night tired and drifted off easily. Then a child woke me about 20 minutes later to tell me he couldn’t sleep. Thanks for that. So of course then I couldn’t get back to sleep and my mind kept wandering… I started to think stupid things… as you do. In the […]

My house 18 months ago and now…


It’s no secret that I did love building my house. It’s always a work in progress and I’ll probably never think it’s finished. I love tweaking and adding to it. It’s not a massive home but I just love it… The front garden is something I’ve enjoyed watching. Over the last 18 months we’ve gradually […]

Taking Stock


Hi there! I mentioned the other day how easy it is to write a list on a day where you’re not sure what to blog about and today I thought I’d use one of Pip‘s lists and see what I can come up with… It was harder than I thought. I couldn’t answer everything straight […]

I just want to be…


A song came on yesterday which took my back to being 19 years old. It’s funny how music reminds you of places/times/people/feelings… In that flash back to being 19 years old, for a moment, I wished I was back there. I was at Uni in Canberra living with friends. They were fun days. I had […]

Home is a feeling…


I found this little saying on Instagram the other night and I shared it over there. Lots of you loved it too. Mostly, I’d rather be at home than anywhere else in the world. I am a Cancerian, so I am very much a homebody. My husband and I both still get homesick all the time. Anyone […]

Around here lately


Last week was a busy one. This week I am looking forward to sitting in my pj’s until lunch time and stalking people on the internet At the start of last week I had a sleep over at Amie’s new house. She’s just finished building it and moved in a week ago! She’s done black […]