Time is usually the issue


I have great ideas and never run out of things to do and say, but there is never enough time to fully complete things. Are you a bit like this too? You can easily start something, and you know it will be good, but time is your enemy? It’s like you get yourself in a […]

Officeworks: Master your workspace


Brought to you by Officeworks. Who doesn’t love a good clean up, cull, or a spruce up? I love being productive in my home office and whilst it’s pretty new, it still ends up full of junk! I also have a corner in it which always looks horrible. Officeworks asked me if I’d like to […]

Stunning Sunday: Victorian Terrace


Hi there! In my hunt for some real estate I found this lovely Victorian Terrace for sale in Bondi, Sydney, NSW. “Totally immaculate, the home is beautifully presented with exposed sandstone walls, rich timber detailing and a stylish neutral colour palette throughout.” – Agent.  The exposed bricks and beams are stunning. It doesn’t look big […]

Good stuff on the internet this week [3]


Hi there! How’s your week been? Mine was pretty good actually. I had a birthday at the beginning, the kids went back to school and I got a new hair do – can’t complain about that! I will say though, I am so glad The Voice is ending, anyone else a little over it? Watching […]

Floor Plan Friday: Theatre Room

  This one is a little different – you might like this one! I love the theatre in the middle of the house – no windows! So it would be awesome if you love your movies. Click on the plan to see it larger. I also like the master on the back and the kitchen […]

Top Shopping Picks: Prints


Need a cool new print? Well I have got it covered right here! Josh and Jenna used number 8 in their house and I still love it. My sister is totally smitten with the dog! Here’s where you’ll find them… 01 / 02 / 03 / 04 / 05 / 06 /07 / 08 Happy […]

If you don’t back yourself, who will?


When my boys doubt themselves, this is the conversation we have… My husband’s favourite saying is “back yourself.” He’s said it so many times… As soon as one of them says they can’t, or it’s too hard, my husband is quick to turn it around. He should be a motivational speaker! I hope the kids […]