Wednesday house update: beige or grey floor tiles?

I brought home some tile samples last week and thought I had decided on huge white wall tile, and big grey floor tiles. But as the days have gone on, I’m thinking of other options…

I’m definitely doing the white wall tiles, and white bathroom vanities, with some sort of white feature tile under the mirrors (above the sinks)…

BUT, which colour floor tile would you choose?

I’m now thinking of a beigey style floor tile? Or will I stick with the grey?

Don’t worry about all the walls and features in these photos – just the floor….

The grey floor.

The beige/cappuccino floor.

I think I will head back to the tile shop today to grab some more samples, just to be sure. Tough decision this one! You can’t change your tiles down the track if you hate them!! I’m still trying to find my feature tile… maybe a white penny tile or a brick pattern. Hmmmmm decisions!

Have a great day! I’m off to an athletics carnival and back to the dentist. Wonder if I’ll end up like this again?? :) But now, it’s time for my little bit of daily exercise in my new kicks!


  1. says

    Beige, definately! I have beige/stone tiles on our floors with white wall tiles and vanity, doors and bench and it is really versatile. Our bathrooms are about 20 years old and they still look really good except for the feature tiles and the wall paint colour ( I am going to paint over both soon) If I was doing them again I would do the same! I think maybe the grey might date sooner. But it depends on the style of house and whether you are ultra modern in there as well. Grey would be better in a modern minimalist house, which mine is not. Absolutely do not get a feature tile that is anything other than plain! My mother did a cream one on cream tiles that looked like roses, it was beautiful! Be sure to not get clear glass in the shower screen- they look like crap so quickly, especially on bore water and I cannot tell you how thankful my teenagers are for our new mottly glass screens!

  2. MM says

    I have finally chosen my tile and it has taken a year! My house is full of samples strategically placed against walks everywhere! I initially wanted a stone so looked at bluestone and travateen then thought I had settled on a grey then decided it looked too much like polished concrete and it wasn’t really the look I was going for. Eventually chose a “latte” colour and it’s really nice, very neutral so will suit everything. I decided grey really dictated paint colors etc.

  3. julie Kent says

    They are both nice. But what colour wooden floors ( if any ) and carpets are you having throughout the house? If you are having wooden floors then I would go with the lightest of beige for continuity. Plus the warmth that goes with wood. A blue or grey tone carpet would blend beautifully with a grey tile and a neutral carpet the same with a beige one. I hope this helps you as it can get overwhelming with so much choice available.

  4. says

    Hi Katrina we have just renovated our bathroom, we did big white wall tiles with one feature wall using the same tile you used on the block the big mosiac one but in the the white pearly colour it looks so good,It is the wall our window is on which we have added white shutter too. Our floor tile is dark colour mocha I would call it. If you would like to see some pics just shoot me an email. Or I can tag you in them on instagram

  5. says

    Such a tough decision! When we did the boys bathroom last year we chose silk mocha for the floor tiles with a stone feature tile- looks fabulous.
    If I was picking grey I think I would go darker rather than lighter, I think lighter looks so 80’s or as someone else said like concrete.

  6. says

    Tough one. I had grey, even with timber floors. I will do some sort of grey again next time. My grey tiles had subtle rivers of white running through them. Exciting decisions. Enjoy! A-M xx

  7. says

    When we renovated our ensuite, we went dark grey floor tiles and white wall tiles. I love the colour, however, I really hate the grout we went with – it’s a light grey but seems to just absorb the water so you can ‘see’ where the tiles are wet if you get what I mean. Down the track, I’m going to re-grout and either use grout sealer or use a darker grey grout. In saying that, when we eventually renovate our main bathroom and laundry, I’ve been thinking of going with a lighter beige tile – just for a lighter, brighter look. I think either option will look fab in your new home.

    Hope the dentist appointment isn’t too bad :(

    • says

      Oh now I’m swaying back to the beige haha! I need some to decide for me. I can easily tell people what to choose, but when it’s your own house it’s soooo hard!

  8. says

    Katrina, I really do not envy you. Way too many decisions involved in renovating. Enough to make this indecisive Libra’s head spin!
    From an arty point of view, grey is a cold colour and beige is warm, so I guess it depends on the feel you want, right?

  9. Tan B says

    Love the first one – more modern!
    Where is the grey tile pic from, I love the white wall tiles they look like 150×600 I’ve had trouble finding something like that…???

  10. Ruth says

    Tough decision. To be honest though, I’m rather over grey. It is everywhere and has been for the last five years.
    My preference is for beige with some kind of fleck or wavey pattern through it. So much more elegant and less trendy.

  11. Isi says

    I like the grey ones- neutral, and u can add any funky, bright coloured accesories with it- although the beige is pretty cool too!! Yeahh, hard one!!
    Its up to you though!! Everyones got different taste.. Xx =]

  12. says

    I know there are a lot of people saying grey but I think grey is a bit “now” beige comes and goes but it is a classic especially if it is a nice greyish beige. (all this from a girl with orangey cork floors).

  13. says

    Hi Katrina, ours are dark grey with white walls, almost 4 years later I still love them. Am sure whatever you choose will be lovely though, have fun choosing!

  14. Katrina says

    I’m sorry but I find both grey and beige very boring and clinical. If it was me choosing I’d go for something darker with a bit of colour. I’m thinking of going something blue or navy in my bathroom, maybe even yellow! I love colour though ;)

  15. anna White says

    Honey…if you are doing white walls..then definitely the grey!! The white and beige I think would look a little boring and same old same old…..whereas the grey give the bathroom more of a luxe feel and sense of opulence…AND…you can still throw in any colour in there with your soft furnishings and it will still rock it!!

  16. Susie says

    We went with white 600×300 rectified edge gloss and charcoal/black 300×300 Matt finish, also rectified edge.

    I love it but the Matt tiles show all water marks and any stuff that accumulates between cleaning, I’d need to vac or sweep and mop every day and working full time that isn’t going to happen!

    Xthe grey might show less daily usage but I’d go for white gloss or stone look.

    We decided against a feature tile as every house we looked it that was what dated them the most.

  17. says

    What colour carpet, timber etc will be adjoining the bathroom, laundry etc?
    I always find it’s easier to make a decision if I can work out what mood and feel I’m trying to create? ie. warm, casual, breezy, sophisticated, minimal etc. Base the choice on the type of personality you want your home to have……it needs to be a reflection of you……;o)
    I like grey to look at but my personality and style is kind of beachy and casual so I have the biscuit beige tiles in my bathrooms and laundry……
    Tania xx

  18. says

    I love the grey too! Feels modern and classy to me… Goodluck with choosing everything! I am so indecisive it would take me forever to pick something! :)

  19. Tessa says

    Grey for sure, had it in my old house, always looks clean.. Inherited beige in my new house and needs scrubbing every week.. Like really scrubbing.. Sucks!

  20. Bron says

    We’re going with sandy 300×600 tiles laid in brick bond pattern, a nod to subway tiles but with minimal grout to see/clean. Matte on floor, gloss on walls. Vanity with classic white, shaker-ish style doors but modern handles. 20mm stone on vanity top. White bath and basin. Picked all this over a year ago but the builder has ordered today so no turning back now!

  21. says

    I read this the other day and couldn’t decide…I stood in my bathroom, which I love the colours of (I have cream walls and a kind of chocolate floor, but it hints toward the merlot colour – strangely they are called Loft Merlot!) I love the combination BUT I was recently at my son’s house and they just redid their bathroom in pure white (walls) and charcoal falls (a really deep grey, verging on black maybe) and it looks fresh and amazing, I LOVE IT! That’s what I’m doing next time!

  22. Belle says

    I would go the grey – but it needs to be darker, more of a charcoal grey.

    Learn from my mistake. I painted my lounge room the same grey as the floor tiles in the above picture hoping to make the white trims and decorative cornice stand out. Unfortunately it looks a bit blah and I’m going to have to re-paint the whole room in a darker shade to make it really striking. The darker your grey – the more your white tiles will pop.

    Also, if you chose grey, do dark grout so your floor looks seamless.

    Good luck with you choice!

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  24. Mel says

    I love the grey and white. Looks sharp with it’s Clean lines. Only thing I would say is grey and white in bathrooms is an everywhere sort of concept and not too original. Don’t like the other bathroom at all.

  25. says

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