I brought home some tile samples last week and thought I had decided on huge white wall tile, and big grey floor tiles. But as the days have gone on, I’m thinking of other options…

I’m definitely doing the white wall tiles, and white bathroom vanities, with some sort of white feature tile under the mirrors (above the sinks)…

BUT, which colour floor tile would you choose?

I’m now thinking of a beigey style floor tile? Or will I stick with the grey?

Don’t worry about all the walls and features in these photos – just the floor….

The grey floor.

The beige/cappuccino floor.

I think I will head back to the tile shop today to grab some more samples, just to be sure. Tough decision this one! You can’t change your tiles down the track if you hate them!! I’m still trying to find my feature tile… maybe a white penny tile or a brick pattern. Hmmmmm decisions!

Have a great day! I’m off to an athletics carnival and back to the dentist. Wonder if I’ll end up like this again?? 🙂 But now, it’s time for my little bit of daily exercise in my new kicks!